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Bill Payments

Bill Payments at Ease with Bajaj Finserv app

Bajaj Finserv App now offers a platform for effortless bill payments. After all, your convenience is our priority. Now pay your electricity bills online – right from the comfort of your home. No more waiting in long queues or to search for payment centres. Bajaj Finserv app offers fast, secure, reliable platform for cashless payments through your mobile phone! Bajaj Finserv app is available in 14 languages, so that you can view the app in your own language!

With the app, you will never miss out on your payment due date! So, you can enjoy uninterrupted power supply and continued services. Yes indeed, now pay online and save your time, efforts & money too.

Why choose Bajaj Finserv app for bill payments?

  • Facilitates easy and quick bill payments
  • You can view past transactions and payment history through the app itself.
  • You can view and download account statements, receipts for online mobile recharge easily.
  • Easy to navigate with an intuitive navigation.
  • Available for android as well as iOS users.

The Bajaj Finserv app allows easy and fast payments of -

  • Mobile – Recharge your Prepaid mobile and pay your Postpaid bills anytime, anywhere. Bajaj Finserv includes all the major network providers such as Airtel, Vi, Jio, BSNL, etc.
  • Electricity – Effortless payments of your Electricity bills.
  • DTH – Recharge your DTH connection at utmost ease for Airtel, Tata Sky, Dish TV, Sun Direct TV, Videocon D2H
  • Gas – Book your LPG and settle your gas bill dues just at the tap of your smartphone. (Gujarat Gas Limited, Mahanagar Gas Mumbai, SITI Energy, Indraprastha Gas Limited)
  • Water – Pay off your water bills in just a few easy steps
  • Credit card bills – Conveniently pay your credit card bills with your mobile.
  • Broadband Landline – Enjoy uninterrupted internet connected with timely bill payments on the app.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Download Bajaj Finserv app from Play store or iOS store click here.

Step 2: Login with your Experia Cust. ID or mobile number with One-time Password which will be sent to your mobile number.

Step 3: Click on any of the categories to pay your bill

tep 4: Enter your consumer ID and complete your payment for your bill and get instant confirmation


These Terms and Conditions shall apply to and regulate the various reward/offers/discounts/promotions made available by Bajaj Finance Limited (“BFL”) through the BFL Network (collectively referred to as “Reward Terms”) and are in addition to Terms of Use as stated above. Terms used in capitalized form and not defined herein, shall have the meaning assigned to them under the Terms of Use.

Further the Customer hereby agrees and acknowledges that these Reward Terms are generic in nature and specific terms applicable to offer /promotion (“BFL Promotions”) shall be applicable in addition to these Reward Terms and such additional terms along with the BFL Promotion details shall be communicated to the Customer via Bajaj Finserv App notifications or SMS or Email and through the BFL Network (“Promotional Terms”).

Customer may be entitled for the various BFL Promotions subject to fulfilment of eligibility criteria as stipulated in various Promotional Terms displayed / available in BFL Network and/or communicated to the Customer through SMS/email/notification etc. The terms of use and eligibility shall be expressly detailed along with each and every BFL Promotion, if the Customer wish to avail the same such specific Promotional Terms shall be binding on the Customer.


    BFL may allow eligible Customers of the BFL Network to avail any/all types/categories of the rewards as stared below, provided the Customer has a valid Bajaj Finserv Account:

    1. Cashback: Cashback is accumulated only at the Customer’s prepaid payment instrument (“PPI”) wallet with BFL- Bajaj Pay Wallet. For Customers without PPI wallet may or may not receive the associated cashback or other equivalent reward, at the sole discretion of BFL, subject to the Promotion Terms laid out in relation to the same.

      Additionally, the earned cashback cannot be transferred to bank account. In case of expiry of customer’s PPI wallet, the associated cashback cannot be used. Furthermore, the earned cashback can be used for part/full payments towards your purchases of products/services by availing loan/finance facility from BFL, making bill payments/ recharges, within the BFL Network in the manner as specified under Promotional Terms, from time to time. Cashback cannot be used for loan repayment or dues of credit card. Cashback redemption transactions cannot be cancelled or varied once request has been placed for the same.

      1. a. Customer will be eligible for the Cashback, post successful payment completion of all the criteria’s laid out by BFL as eligibility criteria, including but not limited to conclusion of payment transaction, bill payment etc in the manner prescribed by BFL. In case such transaction is declined then Cashback will not be credited to the Customer, and such Cashback code can be reused in next transaction, on such terms as may be prescribed by BFL.

    2. BFL Discount Codes: The accumulated BFL Discount Codes can be redeemed/used for a wide variety of payment transactions, including but not limited to bill payment as offered and specified by Bthrough BFL Network (“Transaction”), as specifically detailed under the Promotions Terms.

      Additionally, the customer hereby agrees and acknowledges in relation to the BFL Discount Codes that:

      • BFL Discount Codes quantum will be calculated as per the specific BFL Promotion and communicated to the Customer through BFL Network and/or through_Bajaj Finserv App notifications or SMS or Email. The quantum of the discount in terms of transaction value either flat discount or percentage of Transaction value capped to a maximum amount, shall be governed by the Promotion Terms.
      • Customer needs to ensure minimum Transaction value and category of Transaction for which BFL Discount code, is applicable and as specifically detailed under the Promotional Terms.
      • To be eligible for the said BFL Promotion, Customer needs to Enter BFL Discount code in “Apply Promo Code” section and click on apply in the BFL Network. However, in case where of eligible existing BFL Customers, BFL Discount Code may be directly deducted from Transaction value without any requirement to apply promo code in BFL Network.
      • In relation to the discounted Transactions (wherein such BFL Discount Code is applied), if such Transaction is cancelled then the amount refunded will be only the amount debited from Customer. Any discount amount will not be refunded to Customer.

    3. Third-Party Vouchers: The usage of the vouchers earned/received under the BFL Promotion will be governed by the separate set of Terms & Conditions of the such third-party Merchant/Brand/Vendor (collectively “Third-Party”) who is issuing such voucher. The Voucher offer is solely brought to you by the Third-Party and BFL holds no warranty and does not represent anything relating to the delivery, services, suitability, merchantability, availability or quality either of the voucher or of the products/services made available to Customer by Third-Party under the Promotional Terms.

      Additionally, BFL gives no warranty in respect to the quality of products/services acquired or their suitability for any purpose for the availed vouchers. Furthermore, any disputes regarding delivery, service, suitability, merchantability, availability or quality of the products/services under the voucher must be addressed directly to such Third-Party and that BFL shall not entertain any communication in this regard. Any images displayed on the BFL Network for vouchers are for illustrative purposes only. Characteristics of actual product/services made available through the said Voucher may vary. BFL shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that may be suffered, or for any personal injury that may be suffered, to a Customer, directly or indirectly, by use or non-use of products/services under vouchers.

    4. BFL Reward Points: The accumulated BFL reward points can be redeemed/used for a wide variety of payment transactions as offered and specified by BFL. Additionally, Customer can use these accumulated BFL reward points to purchase vouchers from select third party platforms as may be made available from time to time and as may be specifically detailed under the Promotional Terms.


    • Any and all the BFL Promotions shall come in force from the Effective Date, as may be prescribed by BFL, and as communicated by BFL through the Promotional Terms or via any other campaign communications.
    • BFL Promotions applicable will be displayed to eligible Customers through BFL Network in transaction summary page.
    • Under this Promotion, every Customer who fulfills all the criteria specified by BFL, shall be eligible for the reward(s) as may be specified by BFL, through Promotional Terms.
    • This Promotion may be available only in select cities of India and is valid only for Indian citizens. This Promotion is not applicable in places wherever prohibited and/or products/services/rewards for which such BFL Promotion cannot be made available for any reason whatsoever.
    • The BFL Promotion and the terms governing the same are available at the sole and absolute discretion of BFL and same are subject to changes as deemed fit by BFL, without any prior notice to the Customer.
    • Participating in this BFL Promotions is voluntary and the Customer is not bound to participate in the said BFL Promotions. There is no compensation for non-participation in the Promotion under any circumstances whatsoever.
    • The participating and eligible Customers will receive their applicable reward only if all the criteria specified by BFL in relation to the same are fulfilled. The applicable rewards will be sent/made available to Customer on such terms as specified by BFL, from time to time.
    • All applicable taxes, fees and levies (including ‘gift’ tax or tax deducted at source, where applicable) will need to be solely paid by the Customer(s).
    • Where the Customer has provided any incorrect information at the time of registration for the BFL Promotion or while registration to the BFL Network, his/her selection will be subject to cancellation at the sole and absolute discretion of BFL.
    • BFL Promotions are a special offer for BFL Customers only and nothing contained herein shall prejudice or affect the terms and conditions of any product/service availed by the Customer from BFL or the Promotion Terms. These terms and conditions shall be in addition to and not in derogation to the terms and conditions prescribed by BFL for its products/services availed by the Customer from BFL and/or the Promotional Terms.
    • Nothing herein amounts as a commitment by BFL to provide further or similar offers.
    • Images of the products if shown on email, BFL’s website/ BFL Network or any other advertisement material whatsoever, are for representational purpose only. Notwithstanding anything contained in the BFL Promotion or these terms and conditions, any images, representations etc. and all intellectual property rights pertaining thereto which belong to any third party, shall continue to vest with such party and by using such images, representations etc., BFL in no way claims any right whatsoever relating to such intellectual property.
    • The decision of BFL selection committee in selecting the Customers eligible for a reward will be final and binding on the participating Customers.
    • Notwithstanding anything herein, BFL shall not at any time be responsible or held liable for any loss, injury, damage or harm suffered by or in connection with the products provided by third parties.
    • BFL's decision on all matters relating to the BFL Promotion will be at its absolute discretion and will be final and binding on all participants.
    • BFL reserves the right to revise these terms, modify or withdraw the BFL Promotion at any time without prior notice or reason. These terms and conditions prevail over the contents of any brochure or other promotional material advertising the BFL Promotion.
    • BFL, its group entities/ affiliates or their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, vendors, etc., shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that may be suffered, or for any personal injury that may be suffered by a Customer, directly or indirectly, including for reasons arising out of use or non-use of products and/or rewards or participation under the BFL Promotion, in any manner whatsoever.
    • BFL shall not be liable for termination or delay of BFL Promotion or the rewards forming part of the BFL Promotions due to any force majeure event and will not be liable for any consequences.
    • BFL Promotion/rewards are non-transferable and non-negotiable in nature.
    • These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of India. All disputes if any arising out of or in conjunction with or as a result of BFL Promotion or otherwise relating hereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in Pune, Maharashtra.

How to make online payment

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