Book Australia Tour Packages on No Cost EMI Without a Credit Card

Book your holiday to Australia with the Insta EMI Card without any financial strain.
Book Australia Tour Packages on No Cost EMI Without a Credit Card
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16 January 2024

Picture yourself strolling along the pristine beaches of the Gold Coast, marvelling at the Sydney Opera House, or immersing yourself in the unique beauty of the Australian Outback. The allure of an Australian holiday is undeniable, but what if you could turn this dream into a reality without the immediate financial strain?
The exciting news is that now you can. This article delves into the convenient world of booking Australia holiday tour packages on EMI, providing a pathway to explore the wonders of Australia without the burden of upfront costs. We will explore the seamless process of booking these packages with the Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card, ensuring your journey to Australia is not just a dream but a financially stress-free reality.

Australia tour packages on Insta EMI Card

The Insta EMI Card has revolutionised the way we plan and pay for vacations. This innovative financial tool allows you to convert your holiday expenses into manageable monthly instalments.
Furthermore, the Insta EMI Card offers No Cost EMI plans, which means you can indulge in the adventure without worrying about additional interest charges or hidden fees. Here are some of the top tourist destinations that you can explore by booking an Australia tour package on the Insta EMI Card:

  • Sydney, New South Wales: Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are iconic landmarks that define the city's skyline. Enjoy the sun and surf at Bondi Beach, complemented by scenic coastal walks. For family-friendly entertainment, explore Darling Harbour or embark on a wildlife adventure at Taronga Zoo.
  • Melbourne, Victoria: Immerse yourself in arts and culture at Federation Square, and wander through the city's vibrant laneways adorned with eclectic street art. The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is a must-visit for sports enthusiasts, while the Royal Botanic Gardens offer a serene escape.
  • Great Barrier Reef, Queensland: Use Cairns and Port Douglas as gateways to the Great Barrier Reef, a paradise for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts. Explore the pristine beaches of the Whitsunday Islands, adding a touch of tropical bliss to your Australian adventure.
  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory: Discover the spiritual heart of Australia at Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). Immerse yourself in Aboriginal cultural experiences and witness the captivating night sky in the Red Centre.
  • The Great Ocean Road, Victoria: Embark on a scenic coastal drive along the Great Ocean Road, where the Twelve Apostles rock formations stand as a testament to nature's artistry. Explore the lush landscapes of Otway National Park with its enchanting rainforest walks.
  • Brisbane, Queensland: Experience the dynamic South Bank Parklands, home to cultural events and recreational activities. Connect with Australia's unique wildlife at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and enjoy the city from a different perspective with Brisbane River cruises.
  • Perth, Western Australia: Revel in the tranquility of Kings Park and Botanic Garden, explore Fremantle for its maritime history, and encounter the adorable quokkas on Rottnest Island.
  • Cairns and the Daintree Rainforest, Queensland: Dive into the ancient wonders of the Daintree Rainforest, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and use Cairns as a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Mossman Gorge with its rainforest walks.

How to book Australia tour packages on EMI with the Insta EMI Card

Booking Australia holiday tour packages on EMI with the Insta EMI Card is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to turn your dream vacation into a reality:

  1. Card application: Acquiring an Insta EMI Card involves a hassle-free and end-to-end digital application process.
  2. Select a tour package: Once the card is obtained, you can explore various Australia holiday tour packages available on the many travel websites that are part of the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network (for example, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, EaseMyTrip).
  3. Select Insta EMI payment option: While making the booking, opt for the Insta EMI Card payment method.
  4. EMI plans: Explore the available EMI plans suitable for your budget and select the tenure of instalment payments.
  5. Documentation: Complete the necessary documentation and provide the required details for EMI approval.
  6. Confirmation: Once approved, your Australia tour package booking is confirmed.

Advantages to book Australia holiday tour package on EMI

Booking Australia holiday tour packages on EMI with the Insta EMI Card provides numerous advantages for travellers:

  1. Financial flexibility: EMI plans allow you to spread the cost of your holiday over several months, making it financially manageable. This flexibility is especially beneficial for those who want to explore Australia without putting a strain on their budget.
  2. No additional charges: Opting for No Cost EMI means you will not incur any additional charges or interest on your Australia holiday tour package. This transparent payment system ensures that you only pay the actual package cost, making it a cost-effective way to fulfil your travel dreams.
  3. Easy approval process: Applying for an Insta EMI Card is a hassle-free process with a quick approval turnaround. This accessibility makes it a viable option for a wide range of travellers, even those without a traditional credit card.
  4. Convenient repayment periods: With repayment periods ranging from 1 to 60 MONTHS, you have the freedom to choose a plan that aligns with your budget. This flexibility ensures that your Australia holiday remains a joyful experience without becoming a financial burden.


Embarking on an Australian adventure has never been more accessible. The option to book Australia holiday tour packages on EMI, especially with the Insta EMI Card, opens up new possibilities for travellers.

The financial flexibility, easy approval process, and exclusive deals make this a convenient and cost-effective way to turn your dream vacation into a reality. So, why wait? Start planning your Australian getaway today and let the Insta EMI Card pave the way for unforgettable experiences.


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Frequently asked questions

How much money you need to travel to Australia from India?

Travel expenses from India to Australia can vary widely. For a round-trip flight, costs typically range between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. Accommodations span from Rs. 2,500 to luxury rates of Rs. 10,000 or more per night. Daily expenses, including food and transportation, average around Rs. 3,500 - Rs. 5,000 per person. Overall, a week-long trip might total between Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 per person, but individual preferences can cause this to fluctuate.

How to plan a trip to Australia from India on an EMI Card?

Planning a trip to Australia from India using the Insta EMI Card involves several steps:

  1. First, visit any one of the many travel websites that are part of the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network (for example, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, EaseMyTrip) offering such packages
  2. Once you have chosen your desired itinerary, select the Insta EMI Card payment option during checkout
  3. Fill in the necessary details and choose your favourable EMI plan
  4. Enter and verify your card details using the OTP
  5. Confirm your order to complete the transaction