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What are pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses?

Due to the rising medical expenses, individuals often struggle to manage their finances if they are not adequately covered with insurance policies. Hence, checking the extended financial coverage for pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses before purchasing a health insurance policy is crucial. These policies are a practical option for anyone going through medical emergencies and needing hospitalisation. Moreover, individuals can receive cashless treatments at network hospitals with insurance policies.

Selecting the right insurance policy will provide you with cover for pre-hospitalisation and post-discharge expenses. Before exploring the features, individuals need to know about pre-and post-hospitalisation in detail.

What are pre-hospitalisation expenses?

Health insurance policies include in-patient hospitalisation expenses and pre-and-post hospitalisation expenses. Medical costs incurred before getting admitted to the hospital are pre-hospitalisation expenses. These costs include various medical tests, doctor’s fees, etc.

Remember that the number of days covered under pre-hospitalisation differs from the insurance provider and the selected health insurance product. However, in most cases, charges incurred by a policyholder for a month before their hospitalisation are covered under pre-hospitalisation expenses.

What are post-hospitalisation expenses?

Post-hospitalisation expenses involve all the charges incurred by an individual after getting discharged from the hospital. For instance, the concerned physician prescribes some medical tests to determine the patient’s recovery progress. In the case of post-hospitalisation, too, the number of days covered depends on the plan and insurance provider.

Nevertheless, in most cases, the expenses incurred two months after discharge are considered post-hospitalisation expenses. There are, however, expenses associated with alternative therapies like acupuncture, naturopathy, etc., which insurance providers may not consider under post-hospitalisation expenses.

One can claim pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses after producing original bill receipts and authentic copies of the bill and doctor’s certificate. Moreover, it is essential to thoroughly check the inclusion list in the medical insurance policy to maximise its benefits.

Advantages of pre-and post-hospitalisation coverage

A comprehensive insurance policy covers pre-and post-hospitalisation medical costs. There are various reasons to choose such extensive coverage. Here are some of the top benefits of purchasing a medical insurance plan, including pre and post-hospitalisation financial coverage:

• Substantial financial coverage

A medical insurance policy providing pre-and post-hospitalisation coverage will allow individuals to manage their financial challenges starting from diagnosis to recovery. However, it is crucial to thoroughly read the policy inclusions and exclusions to know the financial coverage before opting for the insurance plan.

• Minimising burden of treatment costs

Often the cost of post-hospitalisation treatment of disease becomes more financially draining than the actual duration of hospitalisation. For instance, a person might be hospitalised for an illness for a week, but regular post-discharge treatment might be needed for a more extended period to ensure a full recovery. Insurance plans offering post-hospitalisation coverage include these expenses, thereby minimising the financial burden.

• The facility of network hospitals

Usually, reputed insurance companies partner with hospitals to extend cashless treatment facilities to their customers. It gives policyholders the advantage of a network of hospitals to choose from and avail cashless treatment. However, insurance providers maintain a strict time frame for resolving such claims. For instance, the claim application and process of documentation for post-hospitalisation expenses needs to be completed within a specific time of receiving the treatment. Otherwise, insurers can reject it based on non-compliance. Therefore, individuals must be mindful of the time limit before proceeding with the claims and comply during settlement.

Plans covering pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses in association with Bajaj Finance Limited

Considering the rapid rise of medical costs in the country, it is often difficult for most Indians to provide their families with the best treatment during emergencies. A perfect health insurance policy can be a saviour that provides necessary financial security during such a crisis.

Choosing the right health insurance plan needs a lot of thought and a thorough understanding of the product. Bajaj Finance Limited offers best-suited plans in partnership with some of the leading names in the insurance business. Policy buyers can benefit from comprehensive coverage from miscellaneous medical expenses, such as doctor’s fees, ambulance charges, medical test costs, pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses, etc.

Moreover, they have various health insurance plans curated to cover family members’ medical expenses. Therefore, individuals can make sure that they can provide quality treatment to their families by paying a single premium. Additionally, most plans provide policyholders with preventive annual health check-ups every three years for free, irrespective of the claim.

There are various medical insurance plans such as group health insurance, critical illness insurance etc. Therefore, individuals can apply for such insurance policies online to ensure fast processing.

Being aware of hospitalisation charges helps individuals plan their finances in case of illness. Moreover, it also allows them to select an insurance policy to cater to all their needs.

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