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TV Buying Guide

Television Buying Guide

TV buying guide

Buying a new TV can be an exciting, yet a confusing affair. While large, vibrant displays and sleek designs are attractive, the data-heavy specification sheets may leave you at a loss. To help you pick an ideal TV, here is a handy TV buying guide that you can refer to.

Read on to find the best flat screen TV for your home as per your viewing patterns.

Display type

The display type that you wish to get in your TV set determines must-know factors like glare, contrast, and viewing angles. Look at the features of these popular display types in best TVs:



  • Most common display technology in TV sets.

  • Uses edge-lit or back-lit LEDs to generate high quality display.

  • LED TVs are thin and ideal for day time viewing.

  • LED TVs are low price range sets



  • Quantum dot LED (QLED) uses quantum dots to produce superior colour range and brightness.

  • Displays vibrant colours with better brightness levels and picture quality.

  • QLEDs are medium price range TV sets



  • Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) TV sets are extremely slim.

  • Better contrast ratios when compared with the best LED TVs.

  • OLEDs are high price range TV sets

Screen size 

There are a wide range of TV sizes available to choose from. Right TV size gives you an immersive viewing experience. Here are some key facts that you should know while buying the right TV for your home.

Look for an ideal space e.g. living room, bedroom etc. and proximity to the TV screen. Compare TV stands with wall-mounted configurations to find a right spot in the room to place the TV set. Right screen size and distance gives you an immersive viewing experience.

An ideal screen size equals the distance between you and the screen divided by 1.6.

Screen size = TV-to-viewer distance/1.6

*Source: Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers or SMPTE

Calculate TV Screen Size

Refresh rate

The refresh rate refers to the number of times the set refreshes the image on the screen in a second. While selecting a TV, choose a TV with a high refresh rate to enjoy an intense gaming experience or watch fast-paced action on your TV.

Smart TV

Smart TV is a set that can connect to internet, has its own OS, and offer features such as live video streaming and smooth internet browsing. Choosing a Smart TV for your home depends upon your usage and features offered in a given price point.

OS (Android TV) Remote & navigation RAM processor storage Phone mirroring & casting Sound
Supports a wide range of apps, and lets you browse and shop online. Lets you navigate seamlessly, and has a good mix of hot keys. RAM with a high processor speed results in faster and smooth app browsing. Make video calls, cast games and movies from your phone on to your TV screen. Get soundbars for better audio experience as slim TVs provide average sound quality.

Screen resolution

If you are looking for a better immersive experience, go for higher resolution in a TV set as it gets sharper and livelier images on the screen. Simply put, the higher the resolution, the better is your viewing experience.

HD (1280x720 pixels)

Good option to consider if you’re looking for a decent TV display at a budget price.

Full HD (1920x1080 pixels)

Best option to buy, when you wish to get good display resolution within a cost-effective budget.

4K UHD (3840x2160 pixels)

4K UHD screens are four times sharper than the other HD variants and produces sharp display.


Most best TVs now have built-in Wi-Fi and ethernet ports to connect to internet. To get the best out of your smart TV, get one that supports 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi. Here are some of the must-have connectivity options in a TV set.


Wi-Fi adapters and ethernet ports ensure fast-speed data connectivity.


Connect USB drive to display pictures or play music. HDMI 2.0 and 2.1 ports support 4K UHD and 8K content respectively.


Bluetooth helps connect external devices such as, headphones, soundbars and speakers to your TV set.

Extended warranty

Now that you know about the features that you should look in a TV set while buying it, a question you may also ask yourself is whether you should purchase an extended warranty. It promises you a peace of mind and covers mechanical and electronic defects after your regular warranty expires, making them a lucrative proposition. Should you choose extended warranty, consider factors like the price, its duration, extent of coverage as well as the terms and conditions to ensure that you get a good deal.

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