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What are Top-up Health Insurance Plans

As the name suggests, top-up health insurance is an additional health insurance policy that can be combined with your existing health insurance plan. Top-up policies help you have a financial backup for medical expenses beyond your regular health plans at affordable rates.

Insurance Companies Health Insurance Plans Sum Insured Network Hospitals
ManipalCigna Health Insurance Manipal Cigna Super Top-up Up to 1 crore 6,500+
ManipalCigna Health Insurance Manipal Cigna Super Top-up Retail Up to 30 lakh 6,500+

Key features and benefits of Top-up Health Insurance plan

Here are some of the key features and benefits offered under the top-up health insurance plan:

  • In-patient hospitalisation treatment

    The plan offers coverage against medical expenses incurred during hospitalisation. Additionally, the room rent capping depends on the insurer chosen.

  • Pre-hospitalisation coverage

    Top-up plans offer coverage for medical expenses incurred up to 60 days before hospitalisation.

  • Post-hospitalisation coverage

    Top-up plans offer coverage for medical expenses incurred up to 90 days after hospitalisation.

  • Organ donor expenses

    In case the insured needs an organ transplant, the expenses of organ donor’s treatment are also covered under the top-up plans.

  • Emergency ambulance cover

    Emergency ambulance costs are covered under the plan. The sum insured under this benefit depends on the insurance purchased.

  • Exclusions under top-up health insurance

    Here are some of the conditions that are not covered under the plan:

  • Self-inflicted injuries

    Top-up health insurance plans will not cover self-imposed injuries.

  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy

    War injuries

    Any injury or accident with a civilian during an ongoing war is not covered under top-up health insurance.

  • Defence operation participations

    The insurance plan does not cover the injuries while participating in any defence operation such as the navy, army, or air force.

  • Sexually transmitted or venereal diseases

    Sexually transmitted disease such as AIDS is not covered under top-up health insurance plans.

  • Treatment of cosmetic surgery and obesity

    Top-up health insurance plans do not cover the expenses of any cosmetic surgery or obesity treatment.

Why choose the Top-up plan Health Insurance from Bajaj Finance?

Top-up plan health insurance from Bajaj Finance is the best to choose because it offers some of the following unique features:

Secured over one crore lives

The company constantly works to make health insurance more accessible, affordable, and more reliable for the policyholders.

7-day support

Get emergency support seven days a week, 9 am to 8 pm for any query.

Transparency at every step

The company has a transparent process where every aspect is discussed with the policyholder.

Minimal documentation

With the seamless online facility, we enable an easy and simple online application that requires minimum documentation.

How to raise a claim?

While raising a claim under top-up health insurance, one must keep all receipts and bills arranged chronologically. Here are a few steps to raise a claim with your insurer:

Cashless claim

You can benefit from cashless treatment at partner network hospitals anywhere in the country. The procedure to file a claim is as follows:

  • First, search for a partner network hospital (E.g., Aditya Birla network hospital) in the city where you want to get cashless treatment.
  • Intimate the insurer within 48 hours of hospitalisation (in case of emergency hospitalisation) and 3 days before admission (in case of planned hospitalisation).
  • While visiting the hospital, carry the patient’s insurance cashless card or the policy details.
  • Show the health insurance cashless card and valid ID proof at the hospital’s insurance desk.
  • Fill in the pre-authorisation request form available at the hospital correctly and submit it to the hospital.
  • For quicker action, fill in the request form on the official website and intimate the insurer.
  • Wait for the decision as your request will be reviewed.
  • The insurer may take up to 2 hours after receiving the request and inform you about the decision via e-mail and SMS.
  • You can also check the status online. The claim will be processed per the terms and conditions of the policy after all the formalities are completed.

Reimbursement claim

  • In case of an emergency admission, you need to notify the insurer within 48 hours and pay the charges to the hospital directly unless the insurer has issued a pre-authorisation.
  • Collect and submit the list of the documents mentioned below within 15 days of discharge from the hospital
  • After reviewing the documents, the insurer will approve or reject the same per the terms and conditions of the policy.
  • The insurer will send the reimbursement amount via NEFT to your registered bank account if the request is approved.
  • If the request is rejected, the same will be communicated to your registered contact phone number and e-mail address.

How to apply?

Here are the steps you can follow to easily apply for the top-up health insurance plan with us:

Step 1: Click the ‘Apply Now' button at the top

Step 2: Fill in the online application form with your personal details and click on the ‘Submit’ button

Step 3: A Bajaj Finance representative will get in touch with you to discuss the available policies and receive the necessary documents

Step 4: Receive your top-up health insurance within a few hours.

Top-up Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q-1 What is a top-up health insurance?

The top-up health insurance plans are the backup plan in addition to your health insurance policy. A standard health policy will cover hospitalisation expenses, but the top-up health insurance will cover the additional expenses. For example, if you have health insurance of Rs. 5 lakh, but you need more than the amount due to a medical emergency, then the top-up plan will cover the extra amount.

Q-2 What is the difference between top-up and super top-up?

Top-up and super top-up plans are planned to give extra health insurance coverage over and above the existing health insurance plans in any medical emergency. The top-up plans are generally offered to cover the additional expenses till the threshold limit. The super top-up plan is somewhat like the top-up plan, except it covers all the expenses of hospitals beyond the threshold limit of the insured amount.

Q-3 What is deductible in super top-up Insurance?

The deductible amount in the super top-up plan is the primary amount you pay before you get the benefits of the top-up plan. The insurance company will pay only once the claim exceeds the deductible amount. For example, if you have a super top-up plan for Rs. 20 lakh, and the deductible amount is Rs. 2 lakh. In case of a claim of Rs. 5 lakh, the company will deduct Rs. 2 lakh and pay Rs. 3 lakh.

Q-4 What are the benefits of top-up insurance?

Bajaj Finance offers the following benefits under the top-up health insurance plans:

  • Pay your deductible amount for once only
  • Get cashless facilities at a wide range of network hospitals listed under our partner insurance providers
  • Covers hospitalisation, pre-and post-hospitalisation, medicines, and more benefits
  • Easy online application and claim process

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