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Personal accident cover in bike insurance

A comprehensive bike insurance policy gives the maximum financial coverage if an insured vehicle gets involved in accidents causing damages. It encompasses reimbursements to compensate financial losses caused to third party properties and people and even insured individuals' vehicles. However, it excludes the treatment expenses of policyholders if they get an injury during those accidents.

So, individuals, who want to get comprehensive coverage for their injury after an accident, can extend their two-wheeler insurance policy coverage by availing of an add-on personal accident cover.

Benefits of personal accident cover in two-wheeler insurance

Here are all the benefits individuals can obtain by purchasing this personal accident cover policy along with their two-wheeler insurance plan:



  • Policyholders can get compensation for the loss of income due to their permanent disability caused after the accident.

  • They can get reimbursement for the treatment expenses, including the cost of hospitalisation, treatments and medicines.

  • This add-on bike insurance policy extends a sizeable amount as compensation if the policyholder loses his/her life.

After knowing the benefits of personal accident insurance, one should learn about this policy's financial coverage.

What is covered in personal accident cover?

Policy owners can get the below-mentioned coverage by availing of this personal accident insurance policy:



  • Accidental death
    Accidental death benefit provides significant financial support to the policyholders' families after their sudden demise due to any accident. In these circumstances, the bereaved families get the death benefits mentioned in the policies.

    In case of the policyholders' death, family members need to check bike insurance policy papers to find out the name of the nominee. This is because insurers transfer the amount of death benefit in their savings account.



  • Total disability
    Accidents can inflict serious injury to the policy owners leading to loss of limbs or organs such as hands, eyes, legs etc. This may make those individuals permanently disabled, resulting in a grave impact on their income opportunities. If those individuals get personal accident cover as an add-on to their two-wheeler vehicle insurance policy, they will be eligible to claim the total sum assured in this situation.



  • Partial disability
    If the policy owners get physical injury causing partial disability, they receive extensive financial coverage for recovering from the situation. This way, they can significantly compensate for their loss of income to a large extent till they get back to work after recovery. Therefore, individuals should consider extending the benefits of their cheap bike insurance policy by adding this personal accident cover plan with it.

Why is the personal accident cover in two-wheeler insurance important?

Here are the reasons why individuals should extend the coverage of their two-wheeler insurance with this personal accident cover add-on:



  • Recovering the loss of income:
    After a sudden injury causing permanent or temporary disability, individuals fail to attend their regular work. As a result, they encounter a loss of income. Personal accident coverage helps them to stand this loss of earnings, giving them immediate relief. So, a two-wheeler insurance policy helps them to recover from their financial situation.



  • Meeting expenses of hospitalisation:
    Policy owners do not need to take money out of their pockets for getting treatment from a hospital. Instead, insurers bear all these costs, giving financial respite to their customers.
    In this scenario, individuals must remember that they require immediate liquidity for initiating their treatment in an accidental emergency. Therefore, they can buy this add-on policy from an insurer that provides its services regarding motorcycle insurance online.

However, individuals need to check this add-on motorcycle insurance brochure before purchasing it carefully. It can help them understand its exact total insured sum, premium amounts, and inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Now that you are aware of the benefits, coverage and importance of personal accident insurance, you must know the claiming procedures of this add-on motor insurance policy.

How to claim personal accident cover in two-wheeler insurance?

Individuals can file a claim for the benefits of personal accident cover under their two-wheeler insurance policy in the following ways:

Step 1: Inform the insurance providers about the incidents thoroughly, mentioning the extent of the injury

Step 2: Visit the nearby police station to file an FIR and take the number and a copy of this paper and keep it handy to submit it to the insurance provider

Step 3: Ask for a claim form from the insurer and fill it with all the required details. After this, submit the form.

Step 4: Submit all the documents as asked by the insurer

Upon completing these steps, individuals will successfully file the claim for personal accident coverage.

Moreover, individuals can initiate an online two-wheeler insurance claim by submitting the necessary papers and filling out the form.

Individuals can purchase comprehensive or third party bike insurance online from Bajaj Finance. Individuals can find an ideal policy according to their requirements at an affordable premium.

In conclusion, the additional personal accident cover along with a two-wheeler insurance policy gives comprehensive financial protection to individuals. It helps individuals get emergency funds to bear the treatment expenses without affecting hard-earned savings.

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