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26 Feb 2024

Ola Coupons offer riders discounts and savings on their travels with the popular ride-hailing service. These coupons provide a convenient way to enjoy reduced fares, special promotions, or bonus credits, enhancing the affordability of commuting or travelling. Users can access these coupons through various channels, including promotional campaigns, referral programs, or partnerships. Whether it is a percentage off the ride cost or exclusive deals for frequent users, Ola Coupon codes add value to the overall travelling experience.

Benefits of Ola Coupon Codes

Ola Coupons present a multitude of benefits, making commuting more economical and enjoyable for users.

  • Financial savings: Ola Coupons offer reduced fares, cashback, or discounts, making travel more cost-effective for users, particularly for regular commuters, or budget-conscious travellers.
  • Promotional offers: Ola Coupons introduce users to new features or services within the app, often providing discounts on specific vehicle categories or rental packages, encouraging exploration of different ride options.
  • Customer loyalty: Through rewards for frequent usage or referrals, coupons incentivise riders to remain loyal to the platform, ensuring continual benefits for both existing and new users.
  • Convenience: Accessible through various channels like email, app notifications, or partnerships, Ola Coupons are readily available for users to apply during the booking process, enhancing overall convenience.
  • Enhanced experience: Beyond monetary savings, Ola Coupons contribute to a more pleasant commuting experience, fostering loyalty, encouraging users to try diverse services, and ultimately making travel more affordable and enjoyable.

Trending Ola Vouchers

Avail of trusted Ola Cabs Gift Cards, exclusive offers, and unbeatable discounts on Bajaj Finserv in 2024.

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Up to 4% off (Min. Rs. 500 cart value)

Buy Ola Cabs exclusive gift card worth Rs. 500 and save flat Rs. 20. You pay only Rs. 480 for an Ola Cabs Gift Card worth Rs. 500.

Up to 4% off (Min. Rs. 1,000 cart value)

Buy Ola Cabs exclusive gift card worth Rs. 1,000 and save flat Rs. 40. You pay only Rs. 960 for an Ola Cabs Gift Card worth Rs. 1,000.


  • Ola Gift vouchers can only be used online on the Ola app and website.
  • This is a one-time use GV/GC. The GV/GC cannot be redeemed partially.
  • Only one gift voucher can be used in one bill.
  • A gift voucher cannot be clubbed with on-going promotions/offers.

How to book Ola cab services

Here is how to book a cab on the Ola app:

  1. Login to the Ola app with your mobile number
  2. Locate your current address using auto-detect feature or enter it manually
  3. Select the destination address
  4. Choose the type of vehicle you want
  5. Select your payment method and click on ‘BOOK’

You will be assigned with a taxi within minutes.

Latest Ola Wallet and card offers - Paytm, Freecharge, VISA, and more

Here are the latest Ola Wallet and card offers:

  • Extra 15% cashback on using a Standard Chartered Bank credit or debit card.
  • Up to Rs. 150 cashback when making payments using Google Pay.
  • 100% SuperCash on the first Ola ride booked on the MobiKwik app or website.

Why should you choose Ola Coupons

Opting for Ola Coupons promises affordability and convenience, offering reduced fares, cashback, or discounts. These vouchers make travel cost-effective, catering to both regular commuters and budget-conscious travellers. Beyond savings, they encourage exploring diverse ride options through promotional offers, enhancing the overall experience. With easy accessibility and incentives for loyalty, choosing Ola Coupons ensures continual benefits, fostering a more pleasant and economical journey for users.

Step-by-step process to redeem Ola Coupons

Here are the steps to redeem Ola Coupons:

  1. Visit the Ola mobile application or website
  2. Select preferred product and add your delivery address
  3. On the payment page, click on the ‘GIFT VOUCHER’ tab on the left-hand side
  4. Enter the coupon code in the text box that appears
  5. Click on the ‘APPLY’ button to redeem the coupon

If you have any issues while redeeming the coupon, you can contact Ola’s customer support for assistance.

Tips and tricks for users

Know about the various tips and tricks that can help you save more.

Credit/debit cards

Utilise credit or debit cards for booking cabs or autos and win cashback or rewards points, enabling up to a 50% discount on Ola.

Gift vouchers

Purchase Ola Gift Vouchers at a discount. Often available at reduced prices on various e-commerce platforms.

Promo codes

Apply promo codes from Ola's mobile app. Redeem these coupons for discounts on your commutes.

Staying updated with Ola Coupons

Stay informed on the latest Ola Coupons by regularly checking the rewards and offers on the Bajaj Finserv official website. Explore exclusive deals that enhance your travelling experience. Check regularly to make the most of the ongoing promotions, making your rides cost-effective and enjoyable. Elevate your experience with the convenience of Ola Coupons on Bajaj Finserv.

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Offers on gift vouchers are subject to change. Explore the latest offers on various brands’ gift vouchers through Bajaj Finserv partner platforms.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get an instant discount on Ola app?

To secure an instant discount on Ola app, use credit or debit card offers, explore promotional codes on their app, and check for ongoing special promotions or partnerships.

Where is coupon section in Ola?

You can find all the coupons on the Ola app home screen. Scroll down on the homepage and you will find the coupons and offers listed together.

How do I enter a coupon code on Ola?

On Ola, you can enter a coupon code while booking your ride. After adding your pickup and drop location, locate ‘COUPON’, enter the code, and apply it.

Can I apply multiple coupons for a single transaction on Ola?

No, Ola typically allows the customers to apply only one coupon per transaction. Ensure to choose and apply the most beneficial coupon during the booking process.

What is the use of Ola Coupon codes?

Ola Coupon codes offer discounts and special promotions, providing users with cost savings on clothing and accessories when applied during the booking process on the platform.

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