Features and benefits of Margin Trading Facility

Read on to know the key features and advantages of Margin Trading Facility.

Features and benefits of Margin Trade Funding (MTF)

Features and Benefits of a Trading account 00:40

Features and Benefits of a Trading account

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  • Improved investment opportunities

    Improved investment opportunities

    By utilising higher leverage, you can make larger investments. You can avail up to 4 times the position of the contribution made.

  • MTF limits

    MTF limits

    Get Margin Trading facility of Up to Rs. 90 crore.

  • Higher profit potential with low investments

    Higher profit potential with low investments

    MTF allows you to buy additional shares, so your trades go according to your research and trend.

  • No documentation required

    No documentation required

    MTF facility is activated when you open Demat and trading account with us. No documents are required to apply for MTF.

  • Safe platform for trading

    Safe platform for trading

    MTF is regularly monitored by SEBI, which continuously creates and modifies rules for the benefit of traders.

Frequently asked questions 

What are the advantages of MTF?

Given below are the advantages of MTF:

  1. Increase capital return with minimal capital allocation
  2. Ideal for traders looking for short-term gain
  3. MTF at one of the lowest interest rates
  4. Enhances diversification of investor’s portfolios
  5. Hold equities for a year with a small margin
  6. Dedicated Relation Manager
What is MTF?

Margin Trade Financing allows investors to increase their buying power by paying just a fraction of the total value as margin. The remaining amount is funded by BFSL at a nominal interest rate.

Is MTF safe and secure?

Yes, MTF is a secured. The securities eligible for margin trading are determined by SEBI and the exchanges, and may change periodically.

Can I execute intraday trade under MTF?

No, intraday trade is not allowed under Margin Trading Facility.

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