HDB loan payment

Owing to the numerous benefits of making payments online, a large number of individuals are turning towards paying their loan instalments online. If you have availed of an HDB loan, one of the best ways to pay your EMIs online is through the Bajaj Finserv website. Bajaj Finserv's BBPS portal allows you to repay your HDB loan instalments quickly, conveniently, and securely.

Types of loans provided by HDB Financial Services

HDB Financial Services, a subsidiary of HDFC Bank, provides many loans for various kinds of customers. These include personal loans, gold loan, car loan, two-wheeler loan and loan against property, to name a few. Others are intended for individuals from specific professions such as loan against lease rental, tractor loans, enterprise business loans and commercial vehicle loans. Some of the other notable loans offered by HDB Financial Services are as follows:

New to credit loan: First time borrowers generally face the issue of finding lenders who will sanction a loan with the borrowers' limited or no credit history. To help you overcome this problem, HDB offers you customised loans designed for first time borrowers.
Doctor loan: A loan designed for doctors and medical practitioners, the doctor loan is ideal for expanding the scale of operations, extending enhanced treatment facilities or increasing the level of service. The doctor loan comes with a low interest rate and fast approval.
Consumer durables loan: This loan helps you purchase consumer durable goods such as air conditioners, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, TVs, air-conditioners, among others.
Loan against securities: A loan against securities helps you meet your immediate cash requirements by keeping your securities as collateral with the lender. The securities can include insurance policies, bonds, NSC and KVP.

How to pay HDB loan online with Bajaj Finserv?

Paying your HDB loan online through Bajaj Finserv's online portal is an extremely easy process that can be done in the following steps:

  1. 1 Visit the BBPS login page
  2. 2 Enter your full name and fill your registered mobile number registered and click on the 'Generate OTP' tab
  3. 3 Enter the OTP received on your phone
  4. 4 Click on the 'Loan Repayment' icon under the 'Financial Services and Taxes' section
  5. 5 Select 'HDB Financial Services' as your lender from the drop-down menu and click on the 'Proceed' tab
  6. 6 Enter your 'Application ID' and choose your preferred mode of payment
  7. 7 Make the payment, after which you will get a receipt for the same

Why choose Bajaj Finserv for HDB loan repayment?

Bajaj Finserv's online portal is a popular choice for HDB loan repayment owing to the numerous benefits that it provides. These include:

Ease of access: At the Bajaj Finserv portal, you can repay your loan from a wide number of banks and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Institutions), including HDB Financial Services. Thus, it is the preferred loan repayment portal for many customers.

Speed: It takes under a minute to pay your HDB loan instalment at the Bajaj Finserv BBPS portal. In addition, the process is super easy, so you can have a seamless experience using the portal.

Safety: There is enhanced security at the Bajaj Finserv portal for making loan repayments. Not only does your personal information stay safe, the chances of transaction failure are also extremely low.

Pay HDB loan with flexible payment modes

One of the major benefits of using Bajaj Finserv as your preferred loan repayment partner is its flexible payment modes, which include :

Credit card: You can pay using a credit card and earn potential rewards from your credit card issuer. Paying with a credit card also removes the issue of using the funds available to you.

Debit card: If you prefer using a debit card for your bill payments, you can use it for paying your loan instalment as well.

UPI: You can use your bank's UPI ID to pay your instalments for a hassle-free experience.

Net Banking: Lastly, you also have the option to pay using your bank's net banking service.

About HDB Financing

HDB Financial Services (HDBFS) is a leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) in the Indian financial market. Catering to the growing requirements of individuals and businesses, the company provides high quality banking products and services. HDB Financial Services is a reliable and trustworthy financial institution, with HDFC Bank as its parent company.

FAQs on HDB online loan payment

1. How do I get my loan statement from HDB Financial Services?

There are several ways to get your loan statement from HDB Financial Services:

  1. You can log on to the official website and view your loan summary by clicking on the 'My Account' tab. Enter your registered mobile number, date of birth or PAN number, and click 'Send OTP'.
  2. You can also get your loan statement from the 'HDB on the GO' mobile app. Enter your login credentials and go to the 'Loan Summary' section.
  3. Alternatively, you can call customer support at +91 4442984541, provide your loan account number, choose your preferred language, and request a statement.
  4. Lastly, you can send an email at customer.support@hdbfs.com or visit a branch for your loan statement.
2. How can I check my HDB loan payment details?

You can download your loan repayment schedule from the 'HDB on the GO' mobile app. Alternatively, you can call customer support at +91 4442984541 or send an email to customer.support@hdbfs.com or visit your nearest bank branch.

3. How do I get my HDB statement?

You can check your HDB loan statement in one of the following ways:

  1. Website : Log in to the official website of HDB Financial Services at https://www.hdbfs.com/custom_scripts/loan-status.php and view the summary of your loan by clicking on the ‘My Account’ tab. Enter your registered mobile number, date of birth or PAN number, and click on ‘Send OTP’.
  2.  Mobile app: The mobile app "HDB on the GO" also allows you to get your HDB loan statement in the ‘Loan Summary’ section.
  3. Phone Call : If you prefer getting your loan statement via a phone call, you can call the customer support at +91 4442984541, provide your loan account number, choose your preferred language, and request for the statement.
  4. Email : You can also send an email at customer.support@hdbfs.com or visit a branch for your loan statement.
4. Where can I find my HDB account number?

Your HDB account number is visible in the 'Profile' section of the 'HDB on the GO' app.

5. Can I pay my HDB loan early?

You can prepay your loan once you've paid at least one EMI in case of CD, DPL and Gold Loans. In case of other loans, you can pay off your loan early once you've paid the first six EMIs. You need to visit your nearest branch with a prepayment request form and supporting documents.

Note that prepayment charges are applicable on the early closure of loans.

6. Is HDB an NBFC?

Yes, HDB Financial Services is one of the leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC).

7. can I borrow from HDB?

The amount that you can borrow from a bank or NBFC depends on multiple factors such as income, credit score, LTV (Loan-to-value), MSR (Mortgage Servicing Rights) and TDSR (Total Debt Servicing Ratio). The maximum LTV for HDB loan is 85%. In addition, the MSR and TDSR are fixed at 30% and 55%.

8. What is the maximum age for HDB Personal Loan?

The age criteria for applying for HDB personal loans is between 22 and 60 years.

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