Niva Bupa Health Insurance FAQs

Frequently asked questions

What types of medical expenses are compensated by Niva Bupa health insurance?

Niva Bupa Health Insurance covers expenditure incurred by the insured during hospitalisation as specified in their policy. It covers the expenses against hospitalisation, pre-and post-hospitalisation, daycare and domiciliary treatments. Also, get coverage for personal accidents, and organ donor’s expenses.

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Who is the TPA of Niva Bupa health insurance?

TPA (third-party administrator) from Niva Bupa health insurance is a corporate agent who operates in the company's network hospital. However, you can avail of Niva Bupa Health Insurance policies online without the need to go to a third-party administrator. You can directly compare the policies and choose one as per your requirement on the insurer’s website or visit the Bajaj Finserv Insurance Mall.

Does Niva Bupa health insurance cover the hospitalisation expenses incurred during a medical emergency?

Yes. Niva Bupa health insurance covers the medical expenses incurred during hospitalisations up to the sum insured under the policy. However, you must check if there is a waiting period before using the facilities to avoid confusion while claiming benefits.

Is it necessary to undergo a medical check-up before buying Niva Bupa health insurance?

A medical examination is not always required; it depends on your age. You can check the policy terms and conditions to know whether a pre-policy medical examination is required or not. Mostly, policyholders of age 60 years and above require a pre-policy check-up from an authorised diagnostic centre.

Which plan of Niva Bupa health insurance is best?

Niva Bupa health insurance offers a wide range of comprehensive health insurance plans that cater to every individual's needs. You can choose from the various plans offered by the insurer that best suits your needs.


Is Niva Bupa a good health insurance provider?

Niva Bupa is a known brand in the insurance industry and offers multiple insurance plans. Niva Bupa health insurance plans are preferred as they have a high claim settlement ratio and an extensive network of hospitals providing cashless benefits. The easy claim process and reliable reputation also make the brand reliable.

Can I avail of the cashless facilities across all hospitals?

You can avail of the cashless facility at any of Niva Bupa’s network hospitals. You must check the Niva Bupa health insurance hospital list to find those that can provide you with cashless benefits. In case of cashless treatment, the medical bills are settled directly with the hospital by the insurance company, keeping you away from the stress of arranging for finance on short notice during a medical emergency.

What is a ‘pre-existing disease or condition’?

A pre-existing disease means a disease or condition a policyholder has before signing the policy. All policies arrive with a waiting period, ranging from a month to a couple of years. The claim regarding the pre-existing disease or condition can be availed after the waiting period is over. You need to check your policy documents to know the waiting period.

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