Comprehensive Health Insurance

Know all about the benefits, coverage, and things to consider before buying a comprehensive health insurance plan.
Comprehensive health insurance
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What is comprehensive health insurance?

A comprehensive health insurance policy is a type of health insurance that offers a wide range of coverage against the expenses incurred due to medical exigencies. It covers the costs of hospitalisation, in-patient/outpatient treatment, ambulance charges, etc. A comprehensive health policy lets you enjoy complete financial protection against medical emergencies.

Comprehensive health insurance offers several added advantages. It covers expenses for cost-intensive treatments such as chemotherapy and dialysis, which are otherwise not covered under general health insurance schemes. A comprehensive insurance policy also covers the treatment expenses of critical illnesses like heart attack, stroke, cancer, paralysis, etc. In addition, such plans also cover organ donation expenses.

Most comprehensive insurance policies also give a monetary cushion in case the insured patient undergoes physiotherapy, acupuncture, AYUSH treatment, or osteopathy. These are some exclusive coverages that a general health insurance plan does not include.

Benefits of comprehensive health insurance

Get the following advantages by purchasing a comprehensive health insurance policy:

Extensive treatment coverage

Get coverage against the expenses incurred to treat both accidental injuries and some critical illnesses under this single health insurance plan. Carefully read the policy brochure to know which critical illnesses are included in the policy.

Cashless treatment facility

Avail of cashless treatment at network hospitals and start the treatment procedure without making any upfront payment. The insurer will directly settle the bills of medical treatment with the hospitals.

Wider coverage

A comprehensive medical insurance policy also covers alternative modes of treatment, including AAYUSH, physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc. Since it may vary across insurance companies, you need to confirm the inclusions while buying the policy.

Add-on covers

Enhance your health coverage by including several add-ons within their comprehensive health insurance plans. With a minimal additional payment, you can maximise financial protection against unpredictable health complications.

Outpatient treatment

Comprehensive health insurance plans may also cover outpatient treatment costs, including doctors’ fees.

What does a comprehensive health insurance policy cover?

You need to read the policy brochure properly to know every aspect of the coverage, including the amount you can get against all the above-mentioned circumstances. The coverage type, and sum insured of comprehensive health policies may differ with different insurance providers.
Following are some of the major aspects a comprehensive health policy cover:

In-patient hospitalisation expenses

Covers all the medical expenses incurred during hospitalisation, provided hospitalisation is over 24 hours.

Pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses

Covers the medical cost of diagnosis, medicines or treatments taken from 30 days before and up to 60 days after hospitalisation. The days of coverage may differ from policy to policy.

Domiciliary hospitalisation

Covers the treatment costs taken at home. There are times when the patient is either unable to go to the hospital or a bed is unavailable at the hospital. In such cases, doctors suggest home treatment. A comprehensive health insurance policy enables you to claim for the medical expenses incurred during this period.

Organ donor expenses

Covers the expenses of the organ donor’s hospitalisation in case you need to undergo an organ transplant.

Outpatient treatment

Some comprehensive health insurance policies also offer coverage for treatment taken in the outpatient department (OPD).

Emergency ambulance

Covers the charges of availing of ambulance services in case of an emergency.

AYUSH treatment

Covers the expenses for alternative treatments like ayurveda, yoga, unani, siddha, and homoeopathy treatments.

Reasons to buy a comprehensive health insurance policy

Know why buying a comprehensive health insurance policy is important:

Financial security against medical inflation

With a comprehensive health insurance policy in place, you do not have to worry about the ever-rising cost of treatment, medicines, diagnosis, and other medical expenses. Comprehensive health insurance policies cover you against all kinds of medical-related expenses. It also ensures you get quality healthcare services without worrying about the funds.

Manage emergency conditions

Comprehensive health insurance ensures you are financially prepared for any kind of medical emergency. You can avail of the best healthcare facility without worrying about the fund’s availability and affecting your savings.

Changing lifestyle

The stressful and sedentary lifestyle that people lead presently can cause several diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and kidney ailments. A comprehensive health insurance policy covers the treatment expenses of all such diseases. Pre-existing disease cover and critical illness treatment cover are added advantages in this regard. However, you can claim the treatment expenses after a waiting period.

Taxation benefits

You can get tax exemptions under the relevant sections of the Income Tax Act. Policyholders can get a tax benefit of up to Rs. 25,000 for individual health insurance and up to Rs. 50,000 for senior citizen’s health insurance.

Savings protection

Generally, a life-threatening or chronic illness can severely impact your hard-earned savings. A health insurance policy safeguards your savings despite undergoing extensive medical treatment from a reputed hospital.

Considering the present lifestyle and medical inflation, it is very important for everyone to have a comprehensive health insurance policy. It ensures you and your family members are financially prepared during any medical emergencies. As a result, you can focus on the necessary treatment while the finances are taken care of by your insurer.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a health insurance and a comprehensive health insurance?

A comprehensive health insurance is a type of health insurance. This type of health insurance provides extensive coverage for medical expenses. You get coverage for hospitalisation pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses, treatment costs, daycare procedures and more. You also have the flexibility to avail add-on covers on comprehensive health insurance policies.

What is a comprehensive policy in health insurance?

A comprehensive policy in health insurance provides coverage for a wide range of medical expenses. It covers hospitalisation, surgeries, diagnostic tests, outpatient treatments, and more. Comprehensive health insurance policy also includes pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses, ambulance charges, and even offers cashless hospitalisation. It is an all-inclusive health insurance that covers all kinds of medical expenses.


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