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Top 3 reasons why your personal device is not safe

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  • Theft, loss, damage and online threats can leave your device unsafe

  • A lost or damaged device leads to a financial as well as data loss

  • FoneSafe protects your device from all kinds of potential risks

  • Download the Bajaj Finserv Wallet App to get FoneSafe

Investing in an electronic device, gadget or appliance can come with a heavy price tag. Even in the off chance that you haven’t paid too much for its purchase, you would definitely not want to incur extra charges towards its repair. You can protect your devices from any kind of threat, and thus pre-empt any added repair charges towards them. Such comprehensive protection is now made easy and convenient with FoneSafe, that you can access on the Bajaj Finserv Wallet App. With this feature you can not only protect your device from threats of all kinds, but also convert the premium that you have to pay into easy EMIs through your EMI Network Card.

You can protect any smartphone, laptop or tablet that you have purchased on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network (in the last 6 months) via FoneSafe with premiums starting at just Rs.1,399 (inclusive of taxes).

To understand why protecting your devices is so important, take a look at the potential risks your devices face.

Theft or loss

Leaving your device at a coffee shop, in a cab or rickshaw or misplacing it at a store isn’t really that rare. In an instance where your device has been misplaced or stolen, you can rely on FoneSafe to track and recover it. Through the F-Secure SAFE app you can remotely locate your device on a map. Further, you can activate a scream alarm to help track the device down. You can also use call and text blockers to block outgoing calls or messages from your phone.

In addition to this, the SIM card lock feature immediately locks the phone as soon as the SIM card is removed. This means if your device is stolen, a stranger will not be able to insert their SIM card and use your phone. Moreover, you have the option to back up your contacts and wipe the data off the phone remotely. This ensures that your personal information isn’t misused.


Accidents cannot be predicted and may occur due the simplest reasons. But, what you can do is stay protected by opting for FoneSafe. So, whether you accidentally spill water on your phone or drop it, you know that you can breathe easy. This is because F-Secure SAFE gives you protection against accidental and liquid damage too.

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Threats by viruses or malware

In a smart world where everything can be downloaded on to your phone or tablet for convenience, it is important to stay protected. Not only could you lose precious content because of a virus or malware, but you could also be unknowingly giving hackers access to your banking information via your phone by downloading a corrupt file.

To protect you, F-Secure SAFE’s virus and malware protection removes corrupt files or threats from the internet while allowing your device to perform at an optimum level. The download protection not only scans downloaded files, but also apps and updates. In addition to this, SD cards are automatically scanned whenever connected to ensure that you stay safe.

So, now that you know about the threats your devices face, choose to give them optimum protection with F-Secure SAFE. Simply download the Bajaj Finserv Wallet app and sign up for FoneSafe today and enter the key that you will receive via post or SMS to activate your 1-year plan.

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