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25 May 2021

Plan your retirement with high-earning fixed deposits such as the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit, where your returns are guaranteed. In addition to the lucrative interest rates and flexible tenors, you can also get the benefits of the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Calculator.

Why use the Bajaj Finance FD Calculator?

The Bajaj Finance FD Calculator is a great way to plan your retirement. Here’s how you can use this efficient tool for your retirement planning:

  • Calculate the exact returns that you will receive on your investment so that you can plan your retirement more efficiently
  • Check your earnings based on the interest rates of the various customer categories
  • View the monthly interest income that you can receive, if you choose a non-cumulative FD
  • Find out how the investment tenor impacts your interest payout

In addition to helping individuals with the benefits mentioned above, The Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Calculator also helps resolve a couple of retirement-related questions that you may have. Read along to find the answers to these questions if you’re looking to retire soon.

How much should one invest to meet the expenses of post-retirement life?

Once you have a budget set for your monthly expenses, the calculator allows you to understand the corpus you need to invest in getting a monthly amount to cover the costs.

You can start your investment for as low as Rs. 15,000 up to Rs. 5 Crore and earn interest based on the tenor.

The table below shows the Fixed Deposit annualized rate of interest for senior citizens (w.e.f November 22, 2022)

Tenor in months



At Maturity

(% p.a.)


(% p.a.)


(% p.a.)

Half Yearly

(% p.a.)


(% p.a.)

12 - 23 months

7.05% p.a.

6.83% p.a.

6.87% p.a.

6.93% p.a.

7.05% p.a.

24 - 35 months

7.50% p.a.

7.25% p.a.

7.30% p.a.

7.36% p.a.

7.50% p.a.

36 - 60 months

7.75% p.a.

7.49% p.a.

7.53% p.a.

7.61% p.a.

7.75% p.a.

Thus, using a Bajaj Finance FD Calculator can quickly determine the amount you need to invest. The interest rates vary for every customer category, frequency of interest payouts and the tenor you select.

How much will your monthly interest payout be if you invest in a non-cumulative FD?

This calculator also enables you to see how much you will receive monthly. All you need to do is choose non-cumulative as the type of deposit and choose an interest payment frequency from options such as monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually. Finally, update the with the relevant information.

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How will your earnings change as per tenor?

The calculator also helps you see how interest payouts change with different tenors. If you make slight changes to the tenor while keeping other factors constant, you will see how your maturity amount increases or decreases.

To get a better idea of the returns you can expect as a senior citizen investor, look at the following table.

Consider a cumulative deposit of Rs. 2 lakh.

Investment tenor

Interest rate

Interest return

Maturity amount

24 months

7.50% p.a.

Rs. 27,484

RS. 2,27,484

33 months

7.55% p.a.

Rs. 40,280

Rs. 2,40,280

44 months

7.95% p.a.

Rs. 59,461

Rs. 2,59,461

60 months

7.75% p.a.

Rs. 82,482

Rs. 2,82,482

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How to use a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit calculator?

If you’re looking to start investing in a fixed deposit and want to determine the investment amount, tenor, and frequency of payouts, the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Calculator can be very helpful. To get started with the FD Calculator, here’s what you need to do:

  • Select your customer type, depending on whether you’re a new customer, existing customer, Bajaj Group employee or a senior citizen
  • Enter the tentative fixed deposit amount you plan to invest
  • Select the preferred tenor of your fixed deposit
  • You will see two different results for Cumulative Fixed Deposit and Non-Cumulative Fixed Deposit. If you choose the non-cumulative option, you can check the payout amount you could receive monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually.

The interest amounts for cumulative and non-cumulative fixed deposits will be different depending on which option you choose.

Invest in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit to streamline your finances with an FD Calculator and plan your retirement smartly.

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