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  • Invest in a Bajaj Finance FD for financial security

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  • 100% safety with ICRA’s MAAA and CRISIL’s FAAA rating

Post retirement, senior citizens often look for investment avenues that can help them maximise their retirement corpus, while also providing a regular income stream. This is where a Fixed Deposit for senior citizens can be one of the best investment options. Fixed deposits offer a great balance of high returns along with safety of principal amount

DID You Know? Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit offers assured returns of up to 8.35%*, along with multi-deposit, loan against FD, and auto-renewal facilities. Invest Online

Senior citizens can invest in fixed deposits offered by both – banks and company FDs. However, if you’re looking for higher returns, financiers like Bajaj Finance can offer one of the best interest rates for senior citizens, so you can easily grow your savings.

Bajaj Finance Senior Citizen FD Interest Rates 2020

If you’re looking to invest in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit for senior citizens, for a tenor of 3 years or more, can get an FD interest rate of up to 8.35%, which is 0.25% higher than the prevailing interest rates for new customers.

To check out FD interest rates for senior citizens, you can check this table below:

Annual rate of interest valid for deposits up to Rs.5 crore (w.e.f 04 Jul 2020)

Tenor in Months Minimum deposit (in Rs.) Cumulative Non-Cumulative
Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly Annual
12 – 23 25,000 7.15% 6.93% 6.97% 7.03% 7.15%
24 – 35 7.25% 7.02% 7.06% 7.12% 7.25%
36 - 60 7.35% 7.11% 7.16% 7.22% 7.35%

If you consider renewing your FD at the end of your tenor, you can get an additional 0.10% interest, which is over and above the prevailing interest rates.

If you consider investing in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit for 5 years, you can grow your savings by nearly 53%. To understand how, let’s suppose you’ve invested an amount of Rs. 5,00,000 for 5 years in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit for senior citizens.

With an interest rate of 7.85%, here’s a table to show the total amount you can earn, at the end of your maturity period.

Deposit amount (in Rs.) Tenor (in yrs.) Returns (in Rs.) Return (in %) Maturity amount (in Rs.)
5,00,000 5 2,67,549 ~53.51 7,67,549

As you can see, by investing Rs.5 lakh in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit, you can earn the expected maturity amount of Rs. 2,67,549 in 5 years.

In addition to high FD interest rates, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit also offers guaranteed returns without any effect of market fluctuations. You can look for a hassle-free investment process, flexible tenors without the need for constant monitoring. Read along to know what makes a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit the best investment option for senior citizens.

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1. Safety of your investment

After having worked your entire life to provide for an enjoyable retirement, you don’t want to risk your life’s earnings. Bajaj Finance Senior Citizen FD caters to this need, and ensures that your earnings are safe, and not affected by market volatilities. This is why several investors also consider investing in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit, during times of market volatilities.

As one of the safest investment options, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit for senior citizens has the highest credibility ratings of FAAA/Stable by CRISIL and MAAA (Stable) by ICRA. This means that you get guaranteed returns with a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit, which is why it has garnered the trust of more than 1,45,000 customers, out of which nearly 61,000 customers are senior citizens.

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2. Opt for periodic payouts

As you inch closer to your retirement years, it is a wise financial move to shift your attention to non-cumulative modes of investment. This will ensure that you get periodic payments from your investment. Bajaj Finance Senior Citizen FD Scheme is the best investment option that gives you this benefit.

You can opt for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments. For pensioners, choosing a monthly option is excellent as it mimics the salary that you are used to receiving. This periodic interest can help you fund your regular expenses, without eating into the retirement corpus you’ve accumulated over time.

3. Convenient investment process

From planning to investment, a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit helps you in the entire end-to-end investment processes. You can plan your investments with a FD Calculator, where you can compute your returns easily and determine the investments you’d like to begin with. You can input different investment amounts and tenors, and check how maturity amount changes, as per the values you enter.

Once you’ve decided the investment amount and tenor, you can reap the benefit of a hassle-free investment process. Get guaranteed returns and enjoy convenient doorstep services, which enable you to skip lengthy queues and start investing without having to wait.

Start investing in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit for senior citizens, with just Rs. 25,000 and watch your savings grow. All you have to do is, enter some details and our representative will get in touch with you.

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