How to transfer your car loan to another person

Learn about the steps that you need to take for a car loan transfer to a new buyer.
How to transfer your car loan to another person
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When you decide to sell your car with an active car loan, you will have to transfer your car loan to the buyer. It is possible to transfer a car loan to another person in India. Here are a few steps to help you through the process.

Check the loan terms

The first thing that you need to do is to check your loan agreement. Ensure that your lender permits you to transfer the loan to another person. If your loan agreement forbids loan transfers, you will have to pay off the loan balance entirely before selling the car.

Find a suitable borrower

It is essential to find someone willing to take over ownership of your car and the loan. Look for potential borrowers, explain the loan transfer process, and share the necessary details of your car. Research on how much you can sell the car and negotiate a suitable price. You can find buyers through online platforms or local car dealerships.

Review the borrower’s profile

Ensure that the borrower has a good credit score before transferring the loan. The new borrower will have to submit a few documents to the lender for approval. These include ID proof, address proof, income proof, and other relevant documents.

Transfer the car registration

Once you find a buyer for your car, you will need to transfer the car registration to the new borrower's name. Visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and follow the succession process. There are charges attached to transferring the car registration, which you will need to pay.

Submit the necessary documents

Along with loan documents, you will have to submit other necessary documents, like ID proof, address proof, and the transfer request form. The documents required to transfer the loan will vary from lender to lender.

Manage the insurance

You need to inform your insurance company to transfer the car's insurance policy to the new borrower's name. Submit the loan documents to the insurance company to effect the changes.

Fees and charges

When transferring the loan, the lender may levy processing and transfer fees. The charges depend on the remaining loan tenure and the principal amount. Check with your lender and learn about the processing charges for the car loan transfer.

To conclude, you need to manage the documentation carefully and pay the necessary fees and charges to transfer a car loan to another person. You can also explore the car loan balance transfer option to transfer your car loan to Bajaj Finance for better terms.

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