How Can You Claim car Insurance for Engine Failure?

Can you claim on your car insurance for engine failure?

Car insurance providers generally cover the damage based on its cause.

Car insurance policies generally include liability for bodily injury and property damage due to an accident or comprehensive loss due to fire, theft, explosion, etc.

Hence, you can claim for engine repair on insurance if the damage is caused by an accident or comprehensive loss covered by the insurance.

However, any engine damage caused by wear and tear or mechanical failure will not be covered as part of an insurance claim.

Thus, you can claim for engine damage only if,

• Accidental impact breaks the engine
• The engine catches fire
• Someone vandalizes the vehicle and breaks the engine
• The vehicle is submerged in water and engine stops working

Engine failure is not covered by insurance if:

• Driving with low engine oil causes breakdown
• A worn-out belt damages the engine
• Any mechanical part of the engine fails
• Damage due to manufacturing defect

In cases where an engine malfunction causes a car accident, the accident itself will be covered by the insurance but the malfunction will not be.

There are specific riders provided by some insurance companies which add mechanical breakdown coverage to your existing insurance policy.