Engine protection cover in car insurance policy

Here’s why you should opt for an engine protection add-on cover while buying a car insurance policy.
Engine protection cover in car insurance policy
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The engine is an essential component in your car and any damage can lead to hefty repair bills, draining your savings.
Thus, opting for an engine protection cover can help you overcome such situations. A car insurance policy with engine protection cover gives you financial coverage against any losses or damages caused to the engine.

What is an engine protection cover?

The car engine may sustain damages due to oil leakage or water ingress. Also, the engine parts may get damaged or have a malfunctioning gearbox. An engine protection cover gives you coverage for repair or replacement costs for such damages. You can avail of this add-on cover with a comprehensive car insurance policy to reap the benefits.

Benefits of engine protection add-on cover

Below are a few points that explain the importance of an engine protection cover in a car insurance policy:

· Your insurance policy may not cover your car’s engine

Standard car insurance policies may not cover engine damage. But you can get it as an add-on cover to get coverage for engine damage. An engine protection add-on plan will cover the costs associated with repairing or replacing the engine system. This helps the policyholder save a considerable amount of money that he/ she would otherwise spend on engine servicing.

· Beneficial for areas prone to flood

The chances of engine damage increase significantly in areas prone to floods. This is because of water ingress risks and other issues are also high in such areas. Therefore, an engine protection cover in car insurance can be helpful for vehicle owners residing in such areas.

· An engine is the most expensive part of a vehicle

The repair or replacement cost of engine parts, such as crankshaft, piston, cylinders, etc. can be quite hefty. And it does not even include the cost of metal and plastic parts. With just a comprehensive car insurance policy, you would have to bear the entire repair or replacement cost. With an engine protection add-on cover, the entire cost of engine repair and replacement gets covered.

Key inclusions of engine protection cover

Here’s a list of things that get covered under the engine protection add-on cover in car insurance plans:

  • Lubricant oil leakage
  • Gearbox damage
  • Car engine damage
  • Hydrostatic lock damages
  • Water ingression
  • Cost of consumables
  • Car undercarriage damages

Key exclusions of engine protection cover

Along with the inclusions, policyholders should also know the issues that do not get covered under engine protection coverage:

  • Force starting a car's engine
  • Water inundation
  • Regular wear and tear
  • Consequential damage
  • Damages covered by the manufacturer

Things to keep in mind when buying the engine protection cover

Read below the things that you must know before buying engine protection cover.

  • You cannot buy the engine protect cover in car insurance for cars older than five years.
  • You can buy the add-on cover with a comprehensive car insurance plan or own damage car insurance. You cannot avail the add-on cover if you have a third-party insurance only.
  • Engine protect cover in car insurance comes at an additional premium. Therefore, you may need to pay an additional amount to get the add-on cover.
  • You can make up to two claims under the engine protection cover. The number of claims may differ from insurer to insurer. Therefore, read the terms and conditions of the cover.

Who should buy the engine protection add-on cover?

Here’s who can benefit from getting this add-on cover.

  • The add-on cover benefits those who own a luxury car. Repair or replacement costs of the engine in luxury cars are expensive. Engine protection cover gives coverage against the repair or replacement cost.
  • People living in a flood-prone area can benefit from this add-on cover. As chances of the engine getting damaged due to floods are high.
  • Engine protection cover acts as an additional layer on your comprehensive car insurance policy. You get adequate financial coverage for damage caused to the engine.

Importance of buying an engine protect add-on cover

An engine protect add-on cover is an essential add-on for your car insurance policy. It provides coverage against engine damage due to accidental reasons, waterlogging, oil leakage, or other mechanical failures. Engine damage is expensive to repair, and without an engine protect add-on cover, you may end up paying a hefty amount out of your pocket. Besides, any damage to the engine also affects the overall performance of your vehicle, affecting its resale value. Therefore, purchasing an engine protect add-on cover for your car's engine may add value to your coverage.

What expenses does the engine protect cover in car insurance cover?

The engine protect add-on cover provides coverage for expenses incurred due to engine damage. It compensates for the costs of engine repair, replacement of damaged parts, lubricants, or oil top-ups. It also covers any expenses incurred while towing the car to the garage or transportation costs due to an accident. Purchasing this add-on cover provides a financial cushion against unexpected engine repair expenses, allowing you to drive with peace of mind.

How to buy an engine protection add-on cover for your car?

You can add the engine protection cover when you purchase car insurance policies offered by Bajaj Finance. Choose from the list of available add-on covers along with your comprehensive insurance plan. Buy a car insurance policy on Bajaj Finance Insurance Mall through our completely digital process. You need to simply put your name, mobile number, residential address, and previous policy details.

Frequently asked questions

What is an engine protection cover?

Engine protection cover gives coverage against the damages caused to the vehicle engine. Also, covers the damages caused to the engine parts like the gearbox, cylinder etc. Any damages caused by water ingress, lubricant oil leakage, or natural disasters get covered.

Is it necessary to have an engine cover?

Engine protection cover works as additional coverage on your regular car insurance policy. The add-on cover covers any damages caused to the vehicle’s engine. You get compensation for the repair or replacement cost of the damaged engine.

Do car insurance policies cover engine failure?

Car insurance policies cover any vehicle damages caused in an accident or due to natural disasters or manmade events. But consequential damages caused to the engine do not get covered under the policy. This may vary from insurer to insurer. You must check with your insurer when buying the policy. Having engine protection will keep you adequately covered in time of need.

When can I opt for the engine protect cover in car insurance?

You can opt for the engine protect cover in car insurance when you purchase a comprehensive car insurance policy or renew your existing policy. The engine protect add-on cover is an optional add-on, and you can choose to add it to your policy as per your requirements.

Who should buy engine protection add-on cover?

The engine protect add-on cover is recommended for all car owners, especially those who live in areas with heavy rainfall or have to drive through waterlogged roads frequently. The add-on covers engine damages and provides financial coverage for expensive engine repairs.

What is engine protect plus?

The engine protect plus is an advanced add-on cover that offers a higher level of coverage than the standard engine protect cover. The engine protect plus covers damages caused by oil leakage, gearbox damage, and electrical or mechanical breakdowns along with waterlogging or hydrostatic lock.

What documents do I need to buy engine protect cover in car insurance?

To have engine protect cover in car insurance, you need to provide your policy details, vehicle registration number, and engine number. No additional documents are required to purchase the engine protect add-on cover. However, you must read the terms and conditions of the policy document carefully to understand the coverage and exclusions of the add-on cover.

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