Up to 7.85% return, rate benefit on renewal and deposits starting Rs. 25,000.


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Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit

Features & Benefits

  • 8.10% interest rate on FD

    Bajaj Finance offers 0.25% additional interest rate for all senior citizens, making it an attractive interest rate of 8.10%. This is one of the highest FD interest rate for senior citizens in the market. This makes FD investment more lucrative option than keeping your money in a savings bank account. Don’t settle for a 4% interest rate on your savings account, instead invest in an FD with 8.10% returns.

  • Open FD with just Rs.25,000

    No amount is big or small when it is your hard earned money. With Bajaj Finance, you can open an FD account for just Rs. 25,000. Also, to retire wealthy, you need to plan your investments, even if they are small. So, start your FD with Bajaj Finance with a minimum deposit ofRs.25,000. However, the bigger the investment, higher the returns.

  • FD with high stability

    Bajaj Finance's FD has been awarded with ICRA's MAAA (Stable) Rating and CRISIL's FAAA/Stable Rating, offering highest security for your investment.Most of the senior citizens look for stability and credibility in their investments, and Bajaj Finance's FD offer the best of it. Our FDhas one of the highest approval ratings in the market, making it the mostcredible investment for every senior citizen.

  • Online FD account access

    Life after retirement should be spent with ease and that's why Bajaj Finance's FD offers you the option to manage your FD account with a click of a button. Manage your FD account online by seeing all the interest transfers and other information on our customer portal, Experia. So, now you don't need to step out of your home for your FD account management.

  • FD tenure between 12 to 60 months

    Invest at your own terms and according to your needs. With Bajaj Finance's Fixed Deposit, you have the flexibility to choose the tenure of your FD from 12 to 60 months. If you change your mind, you have the flexibility to close your FD account and start another one for a different duration. Once the FD matures, you can withdraw or renew it with ease.

  • Fixed Deposit Calculator available

    When making any investment it is prudent to calculate the expected earnings for yourself. Keep that pen and paper aside and use our Fixed Deposit Calculator to calculate your FD interest and maturity amount. Easily calculate and compare the interest receivable by changing the deposit amount, tenure and interest payment frequency. Be informed about your returns before making an investment so you can plan your finances more efficiently.

Interest Rates

Tenor in Months Cumulative Non-Cumulative
Monthly Quarterly Half-yearly Yearly
12 – 23 Months 7.85% 7.60% 7.64% 7.71% 7.85%
24 – 35 Months 8.05% 7.78% 7.83% 7.90% 8.05%
36 – 60 Months 8.10% 7.83% 7.88% 7.95% 8.10%

How To Apply

Steps for Online Application

  • Step 1: Visit the website, complete the online application form and submit it.
    Make the payment via netbanking or RTGS/NEFT on the application form. Else submit check as mentioned in step 4.

  • Step 2: Access your filled-out form by clicking on ‘Save as PDF’. Our representative will get in touch with you for document collection

  • Step 3: Print and sign your application form, affix your photographs, and keep your KYC documents ready

  • Step 4: Submit the documents with a CTS compliant cheque to our representative. Your FD has now been booked.
    Your cheque should be payable at par to ‘Bajaj Finance Limited – Fixed Deposit Account 00070350006738’ and crossed ‘Account Payee only’.

Steps for Offline Application

  • Step 1: Click here to download the application form, or walk into a Bajaj Finance outlet and ask for one. You can use our branch locator here

  • Step 2: Fill out the form and attach the relevant documents, along with a CTS compliant cheque.

  • Step 3: Submit these to a representative at any of our offices.

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