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FASTag Scanner
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14 September 2023

FASTag Scanner

The FASTag scanner in India is a big improvement in how tolls are collected. It makes travelling on highways and national roads easier and more convenient. FASTag is like a special sticker on your car's windshield that lets you pay tolls electronically.

What is a FASTag scanner

The FASTag scanner is like a smart machine at toll booths all over India. It uses a special technology called RFID to read the information on your FASTag sticker, which is given by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). When you drive up to a toll booth, the scanner quickly gets the details from your FASTag sticker and deducts the toll money from your prepaid account. This makes paying tolls easier and saves time for drivers. It also helps reduce traffic jams at toll booths, making traffic flow better.

In addition to this, Bajaj Finserv offers a convenient platform called BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System) where you can manage your FASTag payments and other bills easily. This platform makes it even more convenient for people to handle their payments and travel smoothly on India's roads.

How does the FASTag scanner work

Let us understand how a FASTag scanner works:

Scanning the FASTag

As your vehicle gets close to the toll booth, the FASTag scans the sticker (FASTag) on your car’s windshield.

Reading the details

The scanner reads all the important stuff stored in that FASTag sticker. It is like the scanner is checking your car’s digital wallet.

Calculating the toll

The server does some quick math and figures out how much you owe for the toll. It is like a digital toll calculator.

Paying automatically

If you have enough money in your FASTag account, the server takes the toll fee from there. No cash or cards are needed. It is like having a smart wallet for your car.

Barrier lifts

After all this electronic scanning, the toll booth's barrier goes up by itself. You do not need to stop or hand over any cash while passing through the toll barrier.

Benefits of using a FASTag scanner

Using a FASTag scanner offers numerous advantages, making it a game-changer for both commuters and the overall toll collection system in India:

Time efficiency

FASTag scanner-equipped toll booths drastically reduce waiting times. Vehicles can breeze through without stopping, leading to quicker journeys.

Fuel savings

Less time spent idling in long toll lines means reduced fuel consumption, which is not only cost-effective but also better for the environment.

Reduce traffic congestion

The seamless electronic payment system minimises congestion at toll booths, leading to smoother traffic flow on highways and roads.

No cash hassles

No more scrambling for exact change or worrying about cash transactions. FASTag eliminates the need for physical currency, enhancing safety and convenience.

Digital records

All transactions are recorded digitally, providing a transparent and accountable toll-collection process.

Automatic recharge

FASTag accounts can be easily topped up online, ensuring uninterrupted travel on toll roads.

Nationwide usability

FASTag works on highways and national roads across India, making it a versatile payment option for frequent travellers.

Online account management

Users can monitor their accounts, check transaction history, and manage funds conveniently through online platforms.

Enhanced security

FASTag transactions are secure and tamper-proof, reducing the risk of fraud or misuse.

Government initiatives

The Indian government promotes FASTag usage as part of its digital and cashless economy drive, aligning with the country's vision for a tech-savvy future.

How to scan Fastag with a mobile phone

  1. Download the My FASTag app from the Google Play Store or App Store
  2. Register with your mobile number and complete OTP verification
  3. Select 'SCAN QR CODE' and point the rear camera of your phone at the QR code on the FASTag
  4. Verify your FASTag account and check transaction details, including balance and recharge options

By scanning a FASTag with a mobile phone, users can make toll payments fast, simple, and contactless.


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Frequently asked questions

What if the FASTag scanner does not work at a toll booth?

In case the scanner does not work at a toll booth, drivers can pay the toll in cash or through other payment options available at the toll plaza.

What to do if my FASTag stops working?

If your FASTag stops working, you can recharge the associated account or contact the issuer to get a replacement.

How do FASTag scanners contribute to reduced traffic congestion at toll plazas?

FASTag scanners enable swift and automated toll collection, reducing waiting times and cutting down on cash transactions. This leads to reduced traffic congestion at toll plazas.

Are there any government initiatives or regulations related to the use of FASTag scanners?

The Indian government has made FASTag mandatory for all private and commercial vehicles to promote digital transactions and reduce waiting time at toll plazas.

Are FASTag barcode scanners compatible with all types of FASTags?

Yes, FASTag barcode scanners are compatible with all types of FASTags issued by domestic banks and other authorised issuers.

Can I use a FASTag barcode scanner for multiple vehicles with a single FASTag?

No, a single FASTag can be used for only one vehicle, and one cannot use a FASTag for multiple vehicles.

Are FASTag barcode scanners widely deployed at toll plazas, or are they still in the early stages of adoption?

FASTag barcode scanners are widely deployed at toll plazas across India. Since its mandatory implementation, an increasing number of vehicles have switched to FASTag.

Are there any security measures in place to protect the data transmitted by FASTag barcode scanners?

Yes, FASTag barcode scanners use encryption and other security measures to protect the data transmitted during the toll collection process.

How do toll operators benefit from using a FASTag barcode scanner in terms of efficiency and revenue collection?

FASTag barcode scanners enable accurate and efficient toll collection, reducing the need for manual intervention. Toll plaza operators can enhance their revenue collection and reduce the number of idle staff working at their toll plazas.

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