Get recommended product specifications for your electronics purchase on Bajaj Mall.

Benefits of Electronics buying guide

  • Find the best appliance as per your home conditions.

  • Get recommendations for appliances like TV, AC, watching machine etc. as per your requirement

  • Save time in searching for perfect your appliance fit.

  • Compare products from 1.5 lakh+ partner stores in India

  • Simplify buying process with product customisation suited to your needs

  • An electronics buying guide can serve as a valuable resource for your purchase, empowering you to make well-informed decisions based on your specific needs and preferences.

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How to use the electronics buying guide

  1. Visit
  2. Tap on ‘ELECTRONICS’ on the home page
  4. Select the appliance you want to buy from the ‘APPLIANCE TYPE’
  5. Choose your preferred home conditions from the options available
  6. The buying guide will recommend the desired appliance as per your specific requirements

You can choose to buy your preferred appliance online or visit your nearest Bajaj Finserv partner store.


Results generated by the calculator are indicative in nature. The calculator is not intended to provide its users/customers with results that are either certified by Bajaj Finance Limited ("BFL") or are an obligation, assurance, warranty, undertaking or commitment, financial and professional advice by BFL, under any circumstances whatsoever.

The calculator is only a tool that assists the users/customers to arrive at results of various illustrative scenarios generated from data input by the user/customer, enabling such customer/user to buy products from Bajaj Finserv Markets E-store on loan from Bajaj Finance Ltd. The use of the calculator is entirely at the risks of the user/customer. BFL is not responsible for any reason, for any errors in any outcome resulting from the use of the calculator.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an electronics and appliances specifications guide?

The electronics and appliances specifications guide is a recommendation guide that helps customer to select the right product specifications as per their house requirement.

What is product capacity in a washing machine?

Product capacity in a washing machine means the load capacity of a washing machine (in kg) which indicates the maximum weight the washing machine can handle to clean efficiently.

How do I calculate the washing machine capacity?

Enter the quantity of the clothes which you would wash at a particular time. The calculator will then display the correct capacity of washing machine in kilograms.

What room dimensions should I mention for AC calculator?

You need to mention the dimensions of the room in which the AC will be fitted. The room dimensions should be the length and breadth of the room in feet.

What are the factors that affect an AC capacity?

The factors are the room’s length, breadth and the number of people occupying the room in which the air conditioning is required.

What is viewing distance in the television screen size calculator?

A viewing distance is an ideal distance recommended between the viewer and the television. This is a helpful factor in determining the TV’s screen size.

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