Difference Between Collision And Comprehensive Insurance?

What is the difference between collision and comprehensive insurance?

Collision and comprehensive insurance are two types of auto insurance. Here’s how both are different from each other:

Collision insurance policy

Collision car insurance covers your car against accidental collisions, either with another vehicle or even with fixed structures.

It will also cover you if another car rams into your car while it’s parked.

An advantage of collision insurance is that you can get reimbursed faster, as it does not concern itself with who is at fault.

Collision insurance can usually be bought only in combination with a comprehensive cover and a third-party liability.

Comprehensive car insurance policy

Comprehensive car insurance protects your car against damages that are caused by forces outside your control, e.g., storms, vandalism, theft, etc.

It also covers your car against damages caused by impacts with animals, acts of terrorism, etc.

In short, any type of damage that is not caused by a collision, will be covered under comprehensive car insurance.

Comprehensive covers can be bought as a standalone policy, or in combination with collision insurance and third-party liability covers.

These two types of car insurance, along with third party liability insurance, together replace and repair almost all damages to your car.