A Guide to Choosing the Right Gear Cycle

Comprehend gear mechanisms, varieties, and brands to ensure a knowledgeable choice when purchasing a gear bicycle.
A Guide to Choosing the Right Gear Cycle
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Understanding gear systems of cycles

When it comes to choosing the right gear cycle, several factors need consideration. From understanding gear systems to selecting the right type and brand, this comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision.

  1. Gear Mechanism
    Gear cycles operate on a system of gears and chains, allowing riders to adjust resistance and speed.
  2. Gear Ratios
    Different gear ratios offer varying levels of resistance, ideal for different terrains and riding preferences.
  3. Shifting Mechanism
    Modern gear systems feature indexed shifting, ensuring precise gear changes with minimal effort.
  4. Number of Gears
    Gear cycles come with varying numbers of gears, with common configurations being 7, 8, 18, 21, and 24 gears.

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Types of Gear Cycles

  1. Mountain Bikes
    Designed for off-road terrain, mountain bikes typically feature a wide range of gears for tackling steep inclines and rough trails.
  2. Road Bikes
    Road bikes prioritise speed and efficiency on paved roads, often equipped with higher gears for smoother rides.
  3. Hybrid Bikes
    Combining features of mountain and road bikes, hybrids offer versatility for both urban commuting and light trail riding.
  4. Touring Bikes
    Built for long-distance journeys, touring bikes feature a wide range of gears and sturdy construction for carrying heavy loads.

Factors to consider when choosing a gear cycle

  1. Terrain
    Consider the type of terrain you'll be riding on most frequently to determine the appropriate gear range.
  2. Riding Style
    Your riding style and preferences, whether leisurely rides or competitive racing, will influence the type of gear cycle you choose.
  3. Budget
    Set a budget range and explore options within that range, considering factors like brand reputation and component quality.
  4. Fit and Comfort
    Ensure the bike's frame size and geometry match your body proportions for a comfortable riding experience.
  5. Maintenance Requirements
    Consider the maintenance needs of different gear systems and choose one that suits your skill level and availability for upkeep.

Popular gear cycle price list and models



Omobikes 1.7 Lightweight Hybrid 26T Geared


VELOCE V100 16Inch 21 Speed Geared Bicycle (Black Blue)

Rs. 26,091

Plutus Atlantis Mountain Bike Wheel Size 27.5T Frame Size 17-inch Dual Disc Brake Geared 21 Speed (Blue-Black)

Rs. 21,999

Plutus Radon Mountain Bike Wheel Size 29T Frame Size 19-inch Dual Disc Brake Geared 21 Speed (Grey And Red)

Rs. 22,299

The prices may vary depending on your location, region, retailers, sales, and offers.

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Frequently asked questions

Which is the best gear for a cycle?

The best gear for a cycle depends on the terrain and your riding style. For flat roads, higher gears provide speed, while lower gears are ideal for uphill climbs and rough terrain. It's essential to choose gears that suit your cycling needs and ensure a comfortable ride.

Is gear cycle better than normal?

Whether a gear cycle is better than a normal one depends on individual preferences and usage. Gear cycles offer versatility, especially for varying terrains and long rides, while non-gear cycles are simpler and easier to maintain. The choice ultimately depends on your cycling needs and where you plan to ride.

What is meant by 21 gear cycle?

A 21-gear cycle refers to a bicycle equipped with a gear system that includes 21 different gear combinations. These gears, typically controlled by shifters, allow cyclists to adjust pedalling resistance and speed according to terrain and riding conditions, enhancing efficiency and comfort during cycling.

Which cycle is better 7 gear or 21 gear?

The choice between a 7-gear and a 21-gear cycle depends on your cycling needs. A 7-gear cycle is simpler and suitable for flat terrains or casual riding, while a 21-gear cycle offers more flexibility and is better for varied terrains and challenging routes. Choose based on your preferences and riding conditions.

How do I choose a gear cycle?

Choosing a gear cycle involves considering factors like intended use (commuting, mountain biking), frame size for comfort, gear range suitable for terrain, and budget. Research brands offering durability and after-sales support. Test riding cycles to ensure comfort and handling also helps in making an informed choice.

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