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iPad Screen Protection Plan

An iPad is a costly device and it is also fragile enough to be broken easily. Therefore, you should use back covers and screen guards to protect it from all sorts of damages. However, despite following all sorts of precautions, it gets hard for you to secure your phone from sudden accidents and collisions. To prevent your financial interests during such events, Bajaj Finserv is offering a Mobile Protection Plan that provides financial assistance whenever your phone gets broken or damaged.

This mobile protection cover comes in two types viz. CPP Mobile Protect Plan and CPP Fonesafe Lite Plan. The CPP Mobile Protect Plan is for those who need protection for their entire iPad including the screen, body, camera, battery, and other parts. You can opt for the CPP Fonesafe Lite Plan if you need the cover only for the display of your iPad. The below table shows the main features and benefits that are covered by these plans:

  • Features & Benefits CPP Mobile Protect Plan CPP Fonesafe Lite Plan
    Main feature Complimentary device cover Complimentary screen cover
    What does it cover? Damage to the handset, screen, or any other part due to accident, collision, or other reasons Damage to the screen due to accident, collision, or other reasons
    Are damages due to liquids covered? Yes, damages caused to the phone due to liquid such as water is covered under this plan No, damages caused to the screen due to liquids is not covered under this plan
    Are damages due to electrical or mechanical reasons covered? No Yes, but the phone should be handled by you during the damage
    Are damages due to pollution covered? Not covered Not covered
    Maximum coverage amount Up to the value of the handset Up to the 50% value of the handset
    Number of claims permitted every year 2 claims 2 claims
    F-secure protection from malware & viruses Yes (valid up to 1 year) Yes (valid up to 1 year)
    Gaana Plus Subscription Yes (Add-on benefit with a validity of 1 year) Yes (Add-on benefit with a validity of 1 year)
    Zee5 Complete Access Yes (Add-on benefit with a validity of 1 year) Yes (Add-on benefit with a validity of 1 year)

    The premium that you will need to pay to subscribe to any of these plans will depend on the value of your iPad. The below table shows the premium applicable to each of the plans as per the price range of the iPad:

    Device Price Range (in Rs.) CPP Mobile Protect (in Rs., with complimentary mobile device insurance) CPP Fonesafe Lite (in Rs., with complimentary mobile screen insurance)
    6,000-9,999 1212 649
    10,000-11,999 1612 899
    12,000-14,999 2137 1099
    15,000-19,999 2137 1099
    20,000-24,999 2787 1499
    25,000-29,999 2787 1499
    30,000-34,999 3812 1999
    35,000-39,999 3812 1999
    40,000-49,999 4912 2599
    50,000-59,999 5612 2999
    60,000-69,999 5612 2999
    70,000-99,999 6212 3599
    More than 100,000 6212 3599

    Security features incorporated under the Mobile Protection Plans

    Each of the plans makes you eligible for additional security features that the insurer provides through a mobile app known as F-secure Safe Mobile App. These features are listed below:

    • Complete protection to your iPad from viruses, trojans, malware, etc.
    • You will be able to lock your iPad from a remote location or you might also choose to wipe out all the data from your iPad during an emergency
    • You will be able to lock your iPad from a remote location or you might also choose to wipe out all the data from your iPad during an emergency
    • This app also protects from online frauds like email phishing
    • IMEI Registration & SIM blocking services can be accessed through this app
    • Each app gets automatically scanned once you download it to keep a check on malicious and suspicious activities
    • A loud alarm will be started as soon as your iPad gets misplaced. This makes it easy for you to detect your phone and prevent a loss
    • If the SIM card of your iPad is changed, the numbers that you have added as trusted contacts in the app will automatically receive SMS and the location of your iPad.
    • The GPS location provides the accurate location of your iPad through this app. This enables you to detect it during a loss or theft.
    • Your iPad will get locked at once if a thief removes the SIM from it.

    Top iPad models that are covered by the Mobile Protection Plans

    These mobile protection plans from Bajaj Finserv include protection to devices like laptops, iPad, tablets, and major smartphone brands are also covered under these plans. Though all the iPad models are covered under these mobile insurance plans, we have mentioned some of the popular names below for your reference:

    Apple iPad 10.2
    Apple iPad Air
    Apple iPad Pro 11
    Apple iPad Pro 12.9
    Apple iPad Mini
    Apple iPad Pro 10.5
    Apple iPad 6
    Apple iPad 9.7
    Apple iPad Mini 2
    Apple iPad Mini 4
    Apple iPad Mini 3
    Apple iPad 4, etc.

    How to subscribe to these iPad Protection Cover Plans?

    A simple and user-friendly online process is available if you are interested in applying for any of these iPad Protection Cover Plans. Adhere to the below-given steps to complete this process successfully:

    • Step 1: Use the online form and provide all the details such as your name, iPad model name, mobile number, email, etc. On submitting these details, you will receive an OTP on your iPad.

    Step 2: Enter the OTP and complete the payment by using a credit card, debit card, UPI, mobile wallet, or any other convenient online method.

    Step 3: Upon successful transaction of payment, your CPP Ipad Protection Plan will be active.

    How to initiate a claim?

    Simply reach out to the insurer via email, telephone, or mail address within 24 hours of your damage to explain the nature of the damage, estimated expenses, and other details.

    Upon doing that, you will receive a claim form that you will have to submit along with the documents that support your claim.

    The contact details are mentioned below:

    Email id:
    Phone numbers:
    Toll-free number: 1800-419-4000
    6000-4000 (add the code number of your city before dialing this telephone number)

    Postal Address:
    CPP Assistance Services PVT. LTD.
    PO Box Number: 826,
    Kalkaji Post Office
    New Delhi – 110019

Documents needed to support your claim

You can attach these documents with the claim form:

• Invoice of your iPad, repair bills, evaluation report, etc. can be submitted as supporting documents.

• You will have to attach a copy of the FIR in case your iPad is stolen.

• The claim form must be duly signed along with any other documents that can support your claim.

Depreciation & Deductibles

Any loss of value that applies to a device getting old or used is called depreciation. It is usually calculated as a percentage of the original price of the device. In case your iPad has to be replaced completely, the depreciation value will be considered by the insurer while disbursing the coverage amount.

The depreciation percentage that applies to your iPad can be checked from the below-given table:

Age of iPad Depreciation (In %)
0 to 3 months 15%
3 to 6 months 25%
6 to 12 months 50%

Note: Depreciation will not be taken into account while replacing any part of your phone due to damage or accidents. Therefore, depreciation will not apply to the repair works done to make your phone functional again.

A deductible is a charge that you will need to pay as the fee for getting the repair works completed. It is usually a set percentage of your claim value. Deductibles are not applied while replacing an entire iPad.

The following table will help you to understand how a deductible is charged based on your iPad price and CPP plan chosen by you:

Value of the iPad CPP Mobile Protect CPP Fonesafe Lite
6000-19999 5% of claim value (minimum of Rs. 500) 500
20000-29999 5% of claim value (minimum of Rs. 1000) 500
30000-49999 5% of claim value (minimum of Rs. 1000) 1000
50000-69999 5% of claim value (minimum of Rs. 1500) 1000
Greater than 70000 5% of claim value (minimum of Rs. 1500) 1000

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