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05 Jan 2021

You can use SIP calculators to get accurate and faster results related to mutual fund investment. This is because these online calculators are accurate and offer instant results, apart from being accessible to you on the go. Here are the different types of SIP calculators and how they can help you make more informed investments.

SIP calculator

Making small and regular investments towards your Systematic Investment Plan can earn you high returns over a long tenor. You can see exactly how this is possible by using this calculator. The SIP calculator helps you look at your total investment amount, total maturity amount and your income on your investment. You can do this task easily by taking help from sliders or inputting the desired amounts, including the monthly investment amount, tenor and expected rate of return.

SIP advanced calculator

The SIP advanced calculator takes financial planning further by calculating your investment and profit after taking inflation into account. This way, you will get a better, more realistic picture of your inflation-adjusted earnings. All you have to do is use the sliders or enter in monthly investment amount, tenor, expected rate of return, and expected inflation rate. In return, you will see the results on your total investment amount, your maturity amount before inflation, your maturity value after inflation and your total earnings on the investment.

SIP need calculator

To amp up your financial planning, you can use a SIP need calculator to calculate how much you will need to save through SIPs to achieve your financial goals. All you need to do is enter your financial goal amount, the years you have given yourself to achieve the same and the expected rate of return. This SIP calculator will then show you your investment amount, the required monthly investment and your earnings on the investment. In short, this calculator makes planning your SIP very easy.

Delay cost calculator

If you want to delay your SIPs or see the cost of delaying your investment, use this SIP calculator. Delay cost calculator takes your monthly investment amount, tenor, expected rate of return and delay in the investment year into account while providing the results. The results include your total investment amount, your maturity amount for the investment if you start today, your maturity amount for the investment put in after delayed years and your cost of delay. So, if you are in two minds about whether or not to invest, this calculator is sure to make you rethink your priorities.

Make financial planning easier and choose the best SIP plan by using these four SIP calculators.

Besides, investing in SIPs is extremely easy. All you need to do is set a financial goal you want to achieve, decide the amount you’re willing to invest, choose a suitable tenor, and find a SIP with a good track record and is likely to do well in the future too.

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