How to Contact Airtel Customer Support

Explore options to contact Airtel customer support, including email communication, and efficient complaint resolution methods.
How to Contact Airtel Customer Support
4 mins read
20 Feb 2024

Airtel broadband customer support guide

Airtel broadband is one of the most popular broadband service providers in India. They offer a variety of broadband plans to suit diverse needs and budgets. If you are an Airtel broadband customer and need help with your service, you can contact their customer support team in several ways.

In this article, we will take you through the diverse ways to contact Airtel broadband customer care.

State wise Airtel broadband helpline numbers

Rather than having a separate helpline for every state, they have different numbers for different regions. However, they do have some helpline numbers you can call, depending on your location and whether you are calling from an Airtel mobile phone or a landline.

Toll-free from your Airtel mobile: 121 (chargeable at 50p/3 mins for adviser access only)





0124 - 4448080



020 - 44448080



033 - 4448080



080 - 44448080



020 40181400


Airtel mobile



How to register a complaint with Airtel broadband

1. Call the customer care numbers mentioned above.

2. Use the Airtel thanks app:

  • Download and open the Airtel thanks app on your smartphone.
  • Log in with your Airtel registered mobile number.
  • Select 'BROADBAND' as the service category.
  • Choose the specific issue you are facing.
  • Provide a brief description of the problem.
  • Submit the complaint.

3. Visit the Airtel website:

  • Go to the Airtel website.
  • Select 'BROADBAND' as the service category.
  • Enter your Airtel broadband account number or registered mobile number.
  • Choose the specific issue you are facing.
  • Provide a brief description of the problem.
  • Submit the complaint.

How to talk to a live person at Airtel broadband customer care

Follow these steps when calling Airtel customer care:

  • Dial the appropriate number mentioned above.
  • Listen to the automated menu options carefully.
  • Press the key corresponding to the option closest to your issue.
  • If prompted, enter your Airtel broadband, account number, or registered mobile number
  • Choose 'SPEAK TO A REPRESENTATIVE' to bypass self-help options.
  • Wait while being connected to an agent.

Can I contact Airtel customer support via email?

Yes, you can contact Airtel customer care via email. However, using the phone or app might be faster for urgent issues as email responses might take longer.


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