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How to apply for a Health EMI Network Card

How to Get Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card

Visit any of our healthcare partners to avail the Health EMI Network Card

You can apply for the Health EMI Network Card when you avail for treatments, purchase medicines or pharmacy supplies or avail diagnostic tests, etc. at any of our partners like the Ruby Hall Clinic, VLCC, Apollo Hospitals, Dr Batra Clinic etc.

Click here to apply now.

Fees and Charges

Types of Fees Charges Applicable
Joining Fee Rs. 589/- inclusive of applicable taxes
Instant Activation Fee Rs. 118/-inclusive of applicable taxes
Add-on Card Fee Rs. 199/- inclusive of applicable taxes
Mandate Registration Charges Rs. 118/-inclusive of applicable taxes
NACH/Cheque Bounce Charges Rs 450/- Inclusive of applicable taxes
Mandate Rejection Charges Rs. 450/- (inclusive of applicable taxes) will be applicable if new mandate form is not registered within 30 days from the date of rejection of previous mandate form by Customer’s Bank for any reasons whatsoever.

Statement of Account/ Repayment Schedule/Foreclosure Letter/No Objection Certificate/Interest Certificate/List of documents.
Download your e-statements/letters/certificates at no extra cost by logging into Customer Portal – Experia.
You can get a physical copy of your statements/letters/certificates/List of Documents from any of our branches at a charge of Rs. 50/- Inclusive of taxes per statement/letter/certificate.
Penal Interest/Amount In case of delay in payment of Monthly Instalment, the Lender shall charge penal interest at the rate of 2% per month plus applicable taxes on the amount of Monthly Instalment outstanding as on that date or INR 200/- inclusive of applicable taxes, whichever is the higher amount.
Annual Fee Rs. 117/- Inclusive of applicable taxes.
Annual / Renewal fee will only be charged to the EMI Network card holders who have not availed any loan using the EMI Network Card in the preceding year. The preceding year will be 12 months calculated from last year’s validity month, which is printed on the face of your EMI Network Card. For example, if you were issued the EMI Network Card on August 2014 (referred to as ‘Valid From’) and no transaction between August 2015 & August 2016; the payment of fee will be in September 2016.

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