How do Car Insurance Claims Work?

How do car insurance claims work?

Your comprehensive car insurance cover along with the mandatory third-party liability will protect your car against accidents, natural disasters, theft, and so on.

Making car insurance claims is a lengthy procedure. Depending on the type of claim you will need to choose between making the claim to your third-party policy or your comprehensive policy

Here is how you can claim your car insurance:

Step 1: Inform your car insurance company about an accident as soon as possible. Ideally, this should be done within 24 hours of the accident.

Step 2: Once you’ve informed them, a surveyor from the insurance company will come and check your car for the level of damage.

Step 3: You can then take your car to a network garage for repair, as recommended by the insurance official.

• In case of a third-party claim, approach the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal providing accident details, the surveyor’s report, a copy of FIR, and certain other documents.

• In case of theft, you need to lodge an FIR with the police and inform the insurance company of the same. You will be paid the money only if the car is not traceable.