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What is top-up health insurance?

Top-up health insurance is an add-on to your primary health insurance. These plans provide you with the necessary security if your current health insurance policy's sum insured amount is depleted. If you believe your current sum insured/ coverage level is insufficient, a top-up health insurance may be a viable choice for you.

You can also purchase a top-up policy if you believe your current health insurance is insufficient. It will provide you with additional money insured to assist you in dealing with unanticipated medical situations. Bajaj Finance Ltd offers its customers additional health coverage with top insurance companies to ensure everyone is well-covered. Get extra coverage against rising medical costs by paying an affordable premium.

Benefits from Bajaj Finance include:

Additional coverage: Take care of the increasing hospital bills by getting additional coverage on your existing insurance offered by Bajaj Finance Ltd.

Sum insured up to Rs. 50 lakh: Get a wide range of sum insured, from between Rs. 5 lakh up to Rs. 50 lakh. Pay for pre- and post-hospitalisation, up to 60 and 90 days, respectively.

Floater coverage: Get coverage for up to 6 family members, including children and parents, with a single sum insured and a single premium.

Customised features: A top-up policy offered by Bajaj Finance Ltd. is suitable for aging people or those who have chronic and hereditary medical issues.

Minimum documentation: A top-up medical insurance is a hassle-free policy you can apply online with minimum documentation.

Affordable premiums: Simply pay a reasonable premium amount to get a huge sum of coverage. Premium starts at Rs. 2,500 per annum.

A smaller waiting period: A top-up insurance policy brings down the waiting period for pre-existing diseases to just 12 months.

Host of features: Cover maternity, ambulance, and even organ donor expenses under this policy.

Free medical check-up: Get a free medical check-up done to a specified limit at the end of 3 continuous policy years, irrespective of whether you have claimed any amount or not.

Cashless facility: Get access to the cashless facility at over 5700 network hospitals.

Tax rebate: Save up to Rs. 60,000 as a tax rebate under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Free look period: Get a free look-up or trial period of 15 days for your policy. If not satisfied, cancel without any charges, subject to no claims made within the look-up period.

Bajaj Finance Ltd. provides various types of top-up plans to help its customers choose a top-up plan best suited to their needs.

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