What is investment?

An investment is an asset that is created with the objective of expecting wealth to grow. The corpus created can be used for a variety of reasons, such as, saving up for retirement, saving up for a down payment, creating an emergency fund or fulfilling certain specific obligations such as repayment of loans, payment of tuition fees, or purchase of other assets.

Types of Investments

Fixed Deposit

If you seek an investment option that is secure and gives assured returns, a fixed deposit is an ideal investment option. For those looking to grow their savings in a safe avenue, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is a great option.

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

Provident Fund (or PF) is a government managed savings scheme, where you invest your money and benefit from the accumulated interest over time. If you’re a salaried employee, you can access this lumpsum amount after retirement or exit from employment. On withdrawing this amount after 5 years or more of employment, you don’t have to pay tax on your PF amount.

National Pension System (NPS)

National Pension System (NPS) is a retirement benefit Scheme introduced by the Government of India to facilitate a regular income post retirement to all the subscribers. PFRDA (Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority) is the governing body for NPS.

Senior Citizens’ Savings Scheme

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) is a government-sponsored savings scheme for senior citizens, launched in 2004. The primary objective of the scheme is to help senior citizens ensure a regular flow of income. The scheme offers guaranteed interest payments, which can be received on a quarterly basis.


Stocks are market-linked instruments that can offer inflation-beating returns in a growing economy, there is always a risk of loss of capital. For those with a high-risk appetite, investing a portion of their savings in stocks can be a good option.

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a financial instrument, which is made up of a portfolio of stocks, bonds, equities, and other market-linked instruments or securities. Several investors come together to invest in mutual funds, with a common goal of increasing their savings. The total income earned through these investments is then, equally distributed among investors, after deducting the expenses incurred.

Certificate of Deposit

A certificate of deposit (CD) is a savings account that holds a fixed amount of money for a fixed period of time, such as six months, one year, or five years, and in exchange, the issuing bank pays interest. When you cash in or redeem your CD, you receive the money you originally invested plus any interest.


Investment bond is also a great option for those looking to reap tax benefits and grow their savings. These bonds provide a scope for capital appreciation, so you can make substantial financial gains.

Real Estate

Real estate investing involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of real estate for profit. Real estate property investments have both been one of the most popular investment vehicles.

Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP)

A Unit Linked Insurance Plan is a product offered by insurance companies that, unlike a pure insurance policy, gives investors both insurance and investment under a single integrated plan.

Why is Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit the best investment option?

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit plans are offered by post offices, various banks and non-banking financial companies. With many options available, parking one’s earnings in an easy and safe option could be a challenging task. Bajaj Finance is one such financier that not only offers its investors high FD interest rates, but, also a suite of other benefits.

Features and Benefits of Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

Interest Rate Ranging from 5.65% to 6.75%
Minimum Tenor 1 Year
Maximum Tenor 5 Years
Deposit Amount Minimum deposit of Rs. 25,000
Application Process Easy online paperless process
Online Payment Options Net Banking and UPI

Instead, you can allocate a part of your investment portfolio in fixed deposits, which help you gain guaranteed returns and flexible tenor. For those looking for safety of principal along with higher returns, investing in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is a great option.

When investing in Bajaj Finance FDs, you can easily choose your tenor, and the frequency of your interest payouts also gets a highest Fixed Deposit interest rates in India. Investing in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits is very easy, and you can start investing with just Rs. 25,000.