Steps to upload documents in DigiLocker

Steps To Upload Documents In Digilocker 

Getting access to your key documents or finding them on your phone can be quite painful

Save and access your important documents with DigiLocker 

DigiLocker is a secure platform introduced by the Indian government for citizens to digitally store, manage, and share official documents.

What is DigiLocker?

It enables applicants to securely share KYC documents digitally, expediting the verification and approval processes.

How Does It Help With Loan Application?

Uploading documents on DigiLocker is simple. Just follow these steps

How To Upload Documents On Digilocker ?

1.) Login/ register on DigiLocker website or app 2.) Navigate to the ‘Upload’ section 3.) Select the document type 4.) Upload the document and confirm

Steps to upload documents on DigiLocker 

For a hassle-free loan process, start using DigiLocker today

Getting a personal loan is easier with DigiLocker