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How to Increase Home Loan Eligibility?

Factors that Determine Home Loan Eligibility

For those looking to increase home loan eligibility, the factors that determine home loan eligibility should be considered carefully. For home loan eligibility, lenders consider the following factors:

      • Income
      • Credit score and credit history
      • Age of the borrower
      • Income source, i.e. salaried/self-employed and nature of employment
      • Current debt to income ratio
      • Existing relationship with the lender

Use a home loan eligibility calculator to know the amount that you are eligible for, instantly.

Some Tips to Increase Home Loan Eligibility

      • Prepay existing loans as much as possible
      • Eliminate credit card debt
      • Pay all bills and loans in a timely manner minus any defaults
      • Get a copy of your credit report and fix errors if any
      • Have your parents/spouse as co-applicants for home loan
      • Choose a longer repayment tenor
      • Declare other income sources like dividends/returns from investments, rentals and so on
      • Choose well-known real estate projects by reputed real estate developers

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