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What are the Steps to Raise a Car Insurance Claim?

Car Insurance Claim: Overview

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, getting your car or bike insured in this country is mandatory. Considering this, various insurance companies provide a range of policies to vehicle owners. However, apart from knowing about different insurance policies, individuals must also understand how to claim car insurance and the documents needed in the process.

Documents required to process a car insurance claim

One of the crucial aspects to consider while proceeding with the car accident insurance claim is to submit the necessary documents. This documentation process allows insurance companies to authenticate and accept the claim request.

To complete the procedure of accident insurance claim, individuals must provide the documents listed below:

  • Driving license
  • An authentic claim intimation form
  • Car insurance policy paper or a copy of the cover note
  • RC or registration certificate of the insured vehicle

Steps to claim Car Insurance after an accident

If you want to know how to claim car insurance, you need to follow a few steps to complete the process successfully. Here are some crucial steps discussed to help you understand how to claim insurance for car damage:

Step 1 - Inform the concerned insurance company

Individuals must call and intimate the respective insurance company about the incident as soon as possible. Since a claim request is limited to seven days, you need to inform your insurance provider at the earliest. Moreover, the claim settlement application of your car insurance may not be received if you fail to do so within the required timeline. In fact, when informing the insurance company, you must keep certain documents handy such as a soft copy of the driving licence, car registration certificate etc.

Step 2- File an FIR at the nearest police station

Suppose you are wondering “is FIR mandatory for an insurance claim?” or not. In that case, you must know that informing the concerned police station and filing a report is essential for the claim settlement process during any incident. This FIR process can be avoided in situations where there are minor dents or scratches on your car. However, if there is physical injury or any third-party accidents, FIR is necessary. This particular process will comprise essential details of the driver, passengers, vehicle, witnesses and other factors of FIR. Additionally, it would help to raise a case to the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal about where the incident happened between you and the third party.

Step 3 - Capture photographs as an authentic proof

Capturing pictures of the accident site can be helpful. Besides, you can note down the names and contact numbers of some witnesses and the third party to streamline this process further.

Step 4 - Submit the documents with the insurer

The next step after filing FIR is to proceed with claim settlement. It can only begin after submitting necessary documents to the insurance organisation.

Step 5 - Ask the insurer to send a claim manager

After filing a claim, you need to ask the motor insurance company to send a claim manager to initiate the inspection process. You can also start the claim online by visiting an insurance company’s website. After completing this process, you can take your vehicle to your nearest affiliated garage to get it repaired. According to car insurance claim rules, an insurance company will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and other associated aspects. If they determine your claim to be relevant, they will reimburse the amount.

Besides, suppose you want to protect your finances from the expenses of accidental damage. In that case, you can also look for the ‘own damage coverage’ policy sold by Bajaj Finance Limited and avail financial assistance for any major or minor damages to your vehicle.

Points to remember after a car accident to raise a claim

Apart from knowing how to claim car insurance, individuals must factor in certain pointers to ensure an uninterrupted and hassle-free settlement process. Here are some crucial points to consider about car accidents to make a claim:

  • After encountering an accident, you need to check yourself and the insured car to determine any significant injuries or physical damage to the vehicle.
  • You need to register the claim for damage within the insurance provider’s set timeline, which is usually within 24 hours of the accident.
  • Do not forget to note down the car’s registration number, make and model, variant etc., which is involved in the accident.
  • Move your insured vehicle from the accident spot after receiving permission from the police and insurance provider.
  • You need to arrange all the documents you have to submit for claim settlement. Different insurance providers might ask for additional documents while filing a claim.

Usually, the claim settlement processes are convenient and easy due to an efficient claim department in several insurance companies. With accurate information and proper documents, you can ensure a seamless claim settlement process for your vehicle.

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