Solo travelling is a unique experience – whether you want to spend some quality time by yourself or wish to meet new people on your journey. Throughout the year, many people from all walks of life – be it working professionals, students or others – plan solo trips to explore different destinations. To protect you from unforeseen circumstances like getting stranded in the middle of your tour, the Solo Traveller Cover from Bajaj Finserv provides emergency assistance with hotel and travel bookings. Similarly, if you lose your wallet, you will get financial assistance from this single trip travel insurance. Also, in case your car breaks down, the insurance cover will help provide roadside assistance as well.

Features & Benefits

  • High Sum Insured

    High Sum Insured

    Get coverage up to Rs. 3,00,000 for just Rs. 699 per annum.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Multiple Payment Options

    Paying your premium is hassle-free as multiple payment options are available. You can choose to pay via online bank account transfer, UPI, Mobile Wallets, Credit Cards or Debit Cards.

  • What Is Covered?

  • Emergency Assistance For Travel And Hotel Requirements

    Emergency Assistance For Travel And Hotel Requirements

    One of the advantages of a Solo Traveller Cover is that if you find yourself stranded at a hotel, airport or taxi without any cash or cards, you can get up to Rs. 50,000 in India and Rs. 1,00,000 abroad for the hotel bills and the tickets back home.

  • Block All Credit And Debit Cards With One Phone Call

    Block All Credit And Debit Cards With One Phone Call

    In case you lose your wallet during the solo trip, you can block all your cards with just one phone call, under the Solo Traveller Cover. The cards will be blocked at once, irrespective of time, destination or situation after you call the 24X7 toll-free helpline 1800-419-4000.

  • Roadside Protection And Assistance

    Roadside Protection And Assistance

    Being a solo traveller can be challenging when your car breaks down in the middle of the road, or you get a flat tyre. The solo travel insurance provides roadside assistance like jumpstarting the battery, towing services 24X7 and more, which are available at more than 500 locations across India.

  • Complimentary Insurance Cover

    Complimentary Insurance Cover

    The solo travel insurance cover also provides a complimentary insurance for personal accidents, medical evacuation, hospitalization due to an accident up to Rs. 3,00,000. Keep in mind that the Travel Protection cover is one-time applicable only, for up to 10 days maximum within the Solo Traveller policy period.

  • What Is Not Covered?

  • Loss Of Valuables While Being Intoxicated

    Loss Of Valuables While Being Intoxicated

    Loss of valuable items at the time you are intoxicated are not covered.

  • Vehicle Damage Due To Traffic Violations

    Vehicle Damage Due To Traffic Violations

    Damage to your vehicle due to a violation of traffic rules is also not covered.

How To Apply?

Apply for solo travel insurance by logging on to our website and submitting the online application form along with the premium amount.

How To Claim?

The claims procedure for a single trip travel insurance policy is simple. In case of loss of cards,
you can call the toll-free number 1800-419-4000 in the immediate 24 hours.
You can also reach out to us at – feedback@cppindia.com
Please provide evidence if you need emergency assistance.