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Smart ways of Investing in a Fixed Deposit

Smart ways of investing in a fixed deposit

Even though investment options today have increased manifold, fixed deposits continue to be the most sought-after vehicle because of the many advantages they offer.
Take a look at how they help you save money, smartly:
• Research well – Before selecting a particular FD scheme, look for the best financier, and choose one based on:
- Interest rates offered
- Flexibility in terms of tenor
- Provision for periodic interest payouts
- Availability of loan against FD
- Safety and stability ratings With these considerations in mind, you can make a smart choice that helps you maximize your gains.

• Split your FD – Stagger your deposits in different schemes, and ladder your investments across different tenors. This can be helpful in:
- Leveraging interest rate fluctuations and maximising your ROI
- Ensuring liquidity
- Minimising risks of penalties incurred due to premature withdrawal
- Benefiting from the power of compounding

• Select your tenor carefully – Make sure you decide your tenor carefully, as you may want to gain from inflation-beating returns. You can choose shorter tenors that enable you to re-invest your investments and make the most of stable returns.

Make sure you don’t withdraw your investment before maturity, so you can avoid incurring the penalty. You can also choose a financier providing you with a loan against FD for catering to urgent expenses, without losing out on the interest.

Invest in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit to gain from stable returns, flexible tenor, periodic interest payouts and higher interest rates for senior citizens. Make a smart investment choice with Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit.

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