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When you go on a road trip, you want it to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience without any hassles or concerns. Our Roadside Assistance Program offers you full peace of mind around the clock by providing 24/7 assistance for services such as on-site repair, vehicle towing, flat tyre replacement, battery jumpstart, emergency fuel delivery, and much more.

“Road trip solutions covering 4 wheel - City Cover” by Bajaj Finance offers coverage for vehicle failure, battery jump-start, flat tyre assistance, locked/missing key, and incorrect fueling up to 50 km from the city center making your trip stress-free.

Plan Details

Plan Name CITY COVER (3 months)
Program Duration (Days / Months / Years) 3 months
Coverage Radius Up to 50 Kms from city center
Number of services ('Membership Duration) 2 times
Free Towing Up to 50 Kms
Battery jump Start Covered
Flat tyre assistance Covered
Locked/lost key Covered
Fuel delivery On Actuals upto 5 litres
Taxi benefit Arrangement of Taxi
Relay of urgent messages Covered
Cooling Period 10 Days
Price (Incl. of Tax) Rs. 590

What's covered?

  • Money-in-bank

    Mechanical or Electrical breakdown

    Any unexpected mechanical, electrical or electronic failure, which results in the Immobilization of the covered Vehicle, including flat battery.

  • Money-in-bank

    Accidental breakdown

    Any sudden unforeseen and involuntary event, collision, impact against a fixed or moving object or crash which results in the Immobilization of the covered Vehicle and which requires repair in a body repair shop.

  • Money-in-bank

    Discharged battery or flat Battery

    Immobilization of the Covered Vehicle as a result of such Covered Vehicle having run out of the battery

    due to any pilot error (such as covered vehicle lights mistakenly left on) resulting in battery getting discharged

    Covered vehicle battery has outlived its shelf life resulting in a flat battery and possibly requiring a replacement

  • Money-in-bank

    Lack of fuel

    Fuel shortage, having the effect of immobilizing the covered Vehicle at the incident site and requiring on the spot assistance or towing to a repair shop.

  • Money-in-bank

    Wrong fuel/Other Fuel Problem

    Wrong Fuel, Frozen Fuel or Polluted Fuel, having the effect of immobilizing the covered Vehicle at the incident site and requiring on the spot assistance or towing to a repair shop.

  • Money-in-bank

    Key issue:- Locked/Lost key/Broken keys

    Vehicle Keys that are locked in the covered Vehicle, damaged, lost or stolen and resulting in on the spot assistance or towing to a repair shop.

  • Money-in-bank

    Flat tyre(s)

    Deflation of one or more tyres, which makes safe use of the covered Vehicle impossible, resulting in Immobilization of the Vehicle at the incident site and requiring on the spot assistance or towing to a repair shop.

  • Money-in-bank

    Taxi Benefit

    Partner will organize the return to Your Home or continuation of the journey for all Beneficiaries to their place of residence or to their final destination subject by a company hired taxi subject to:-

    The covered vehicle has a breakdown due to a reason requiring it to be towed to the nearest dealership for further repair

    The category of the taxi will be Indica/Santro/ Etios/Dzire and other vehicle models of a similar range

    Every km travelled/to be travelled by the beneficiary shall be charged to the beneficiary and the additional cost will have to be settled by the beneficiary directly with the taxi provider.

  • Money-in-bank

    Urgent Message Relay

    You will be provided with an urgent message relay service to contact your family, friends, and/or work colleagues in the event of a vehicle breakdown or accident.

What is Not Covered / Exclusions

Your Roadside Assistance Cover does not cover any of the events stated in this section.

Allianz Assistance will not assist or reimburse You or beneficiaries in the event of a call for assistance or claim caused by, arising from, or in connection with the following:

  1. Any loss, Theft, damage, death, bodily injury, cost, or expense that is not directly associated with the incident that caused You to claim, unless expressly stated in this membership.
  2. Ionizing radiation or radioactive contamination from any nuclear fuel or the nuclear waste arising from burning nuclear fuel
  3. Radioactive, toxic, explosive, or other dangerous properties of any explosive nuclear equipment or nuclear part of that equipment
  4. War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, terrorism, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power, riot or civil commotion
  5. Declared natural disasters as following specified events due to natural causes: Hail, flood, storm, hurricane, rain, sleet or snow, wind, lightning, or other similar events when officially declared as a natural disaster by the authorities and which results in the immobilization of the Vehicle
  6. The consequences of the use of drugs, narcotics, and similar products not medically ordered and the abuse of alcohol,
  7. The consequences of intentional acts from the covered or the consequences of fraudulent/negligent/dishonest acts, suicide attempts or suicides,
  8. Costs incurred without our prior agreement, or that are not specifically stated as being covered within this membership.
  9. The consequences of incidents occurring during events, races, or motorized competitions (or their tests), subject to prior regulations of the public authorities, when the Covered Person participates as a competitor,
  10. The cost of replacement parts unless specified in Your Assistance Coverage document
  11. The beneficiary/beneficiaries or any other third party organizing any of the services detailed in this membership without first having authorization from us and a file number
  12. Any costs that would have been payable normally by You or the Beneficiaries, such as fuel, congestion, or toll charges.
  13. Charges for specialist recovery or charges incurred by us where the covered vehicle is not being used on a public highway when the breakdown/immobilization occurred and the Vehicle was not accessible using our standard recovery equipment unless specified in Your Assistance Coverage document.
  14. Any consequences of Your Vehicle not being kept in a roadworthy condition or not being serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Allianz Assistance reserve the right to request proof of servicing,
  15. Immobilizations of the Vehicle determined by systematic recalls of the Manufacturer, periodic and non-periodic maintenance operations, checks, assembly of accessories
  16. repetitive breakdowns, caused by the non-repair of the Vehicle, after Our first intervention.
  17. Faulty fuel gauge
  18. Speedometer not working
  19. Air-conditioning not working Boot cannot be opened
  20. Problems relating to horns
  21. Damaged mirrors
  22. Damaged or faulty fuel cap Sunroof cannot be opened or closed Windows cannot be opened or closed Seat adjuster is faulty
  23. Seat belts are faulty
  24. Traction control lights are illuminated
  25. Other non-safety related lights/service warnings are illuminated When customer vehicle runs out of windshield wiper fluid Front or rear wipers faulty, but weather conditions are fair

To know the list of terms and conditions, read the policy document.

How to apply


Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button on this page and share your basic details in the online application form.


Check and confirm your application by entering the OTP received on your mobile number.


Pay the premium via credit/debit card, UPI, mobile wallet, or any other available online payment mode.


You will receive the details of your membership via email/WhatsApp.

Claim Process

You can raise a claim by reaching out to Allianz Assistance via one of the following ways:

Contact Us

In case you have any queries related to coverage, exclusions, or claims, please write to us at


Disclaimer - Bajaj Finance Ltd.(BFL) is merely a distributor of this Product, owned by AWP Assistance(India) Private Limited (AWP/Allianz Assistance). Issuance of this product is at the sole discretion of AWP. This product shall be governed by AWP product T&C’s and BFL does NOT hold any responsibility for the issuance, quality, serviceability, maintenance and any claims post sale. This is not an insurance product.

Additional Disclaimers:-

  • Services entitled to the customer can be refused or cancelled on account of abusive behaviour, fraudulent representation, malicious intent & refusal to pay the charges for any.
  • Allianz Partners reserves the right for changing and modifying the benefits and charges to the customer covered under this Roadside Assistance Program. The decision of Allianz Partners on the question of coverage, inclusion or exclusion of any service under this Program, rates of charges for additional services, and any other issues which need a decision, shall be final and binding on the customer.

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