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Rainbow Foundation India

Accommodating the children on streets to support their long-term development
Rainbow Foundation India

About Rainbow Foundation India

Set to making a difference in the lives of homeless children, the Rainbow Homes Program provides non-custodial accommodation to children who have been orphaned, abandoned or are victims of violence.
The program has adopted a cost-effective and systematic solution to this cause by converting existing school buildings into homes where children reside with their housemothers and a caring staff.
Post a bridge course, the children begin living a mainstream life as they attend regular schools, where they get a chance to interact with their peers from ‘middle-class’ Indian families.
In a surrounding that provides love, care, protection, nourishment, education and empowerment, Rainbow Homes aids disadvantaged children to restart their lives where their potential does not get restricted due to their past.

Our Participation

With over 11 million street children in India, the nation’s future battle hardships like dysfunctional families, impoverishment, malnutrition, illness and illiteracy. Years of oppression and deprivation leave them feeling excluded, homeless, lonely, insecure and abused with many resorting to addiction, begging and child labour. Such fears pose a roadblock in their growing years and hinder them from being their best selves which are capable of leading an independent and a dignified life.
In Rainbow Homes’ quest to create an inclusive environment that channelizes the energies of street children to productive purposes and fosters their growth, Bajaj Finserv during FY18-20 supports the foundation by sponsoring shelter homes. This participation reinforces our belief that every child must be given an equal opportunity to create a better future for one’s self.


"The care & affection that is received in Sneh Ghar is motherly care.  Even though, I couldn't experience true motherly love, I am fortunate enough to get that motherly love & care through Rainbow Homes."

"I learnt reading & writing after coming to Rainbow Home only. Now, I want to become a boxer in future and I am going to special boxing classes in Rainbow Home."

Other Participation

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