Purchase Protection Cover FAQs

Purchase Protection Cover FAQs

What is a Purchase Protection Cover?

A Purchase Protection Cover is a type of pocket insurance policy that protects you against financial loss if items that you have purchased recently are stolen or accidentally damaged. You can get cover up to Rs. 20,000 for just Rs. 199 per annum. You can apply online for purchase protection plan and it’s a matter of few seconds when you can buy it online.

When should I get a Purchase Protection Insurance Policy?

A Purchase Protection Insurance Cover is handy any time you wish to go shopping. If you shop regularly, it is prudent to get a purchase protection cover as soon as possible. If you buy purchase protection policy then it will protect you in several situation of theft, lost articles, stolen, accidental damage etc.

Why should I get a Purchase Protection Cover?

You should get a Purchase Protection cover as it ensures that even if the items you buy when you go shopping are stolen or accidentally damaged, you will not face a financial loss. A Purchase Protection cover gives you protection against loss up to Rs. 20,000, for just Rs. 199 per annum.

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