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Personal Trip Effects Cover FAQs

Personal Trip Effects Cover FAQs

Why should I have a Personal Trip Effects Cover?

When you travel, you are susceptible to risks arising due to loss, theft or damage of your personal belongings. A Personal Trip Effects Cover is ideal for protecting you against accidental damage or theft of luggage, loss of money/cheque, and any financial losses incurred to replace a lost wallet or passport during the trip.

When should I get a Trip Effects cover?

You should get this personal trip effects cover before you leave for a trip. You can buy it online by filling trip effects cover online application form, make the online payment and you are done.

Are the belongings I take with me on the trip covered in Trip Effects Cover as well?

Yes. The Trip Effects Cover insures your personal luggage, money and important documents.

What is not covered under a Trip Effects cover?

Here’s a lowdown on the things that are not covered under a Trip Effects Cover:

o Damages and/or liabilities to third parties
o Damages or losses to anything other than the money you withdrew from your account.
o Damages and/or liabilities that happened before or after the covered robbery period.
o Charges for emergency first aid to anyone other than you.

What is the validity for the Trip Effects Cover?

Now you can protect your Baggage during trips with Trip Effects Cover which insures a sum of Rs.20,000 for 1 year, with a premium of just Rs.349. You can buy it online by filling personal trip effects online application form.

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