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Extend the warranty of your Electronics with CPP Asset Secure

Summary of extended warranty product coverage

Sr No Asset Type Covered Not Covered
1 AC Gas Charging, Cooling Coil, Condenser Coil, Compressor, Fan, Thermostat, Blower, Controler Board, Main Board, Power Board Remote, Swing Flaps, Hose Pipes, Installation, Reinstallation, Air Filter, Honeycomb Mesh. Gas charging not covered where coil is physically damaged.
2 TV Display Panel, Main Board, Power Board, LVDs cable, Back Light, Sensor Assembly, TCON Board, Inverter Board, LED Driver Supply Board, SMPS, Soft Touch Board, Speaker, 3D Emitter Board, IR Board, Logic Board, WIFI Module, Bluetooth Module, Built-in Camera Black Patches, LCD Leakage, LED Breakage, Power Adaptor, External Camera
3 Washing Machine Pulsator, Timer Board, Water Indicator Board, Power Board, Motor, Water Pump, Control Panel Board Belts, Inner Tub, Outer Tub, Inlet / Outlet Valves or Connections, Hose Pipes, Gasket, Water Filter, Lid, Debris Filter, Covers, Legs, Agitator, Valves, Belt
4 Refrigerator Evaporator Fan, Condenser Coil, Condenser Fan, Motor, Thermostat, Sensor Board, Compressor, Timer Board, Overload Protector Board, Front Display Panel Gasket, Bulb, Crispers, Trays, Fuse, Strainer, Filter, Drain Tray, Lock, Door Switch
5 Water Purifier Motor, Power Adaptor, Main Board, Display Panel Board Tap, Filter, Membrane, Candles, Valves
6 Home Theatre Speaker, Power Board, Main Board, Display Board, IR Board, Loader Assembly, IO Board, Mic Remote, Power Adaptor
7 Microwave Magnectron, HT Transformer, Capacitor, Motor, Control Board Fuse, Door
8 Mobile Main Board, Display, Mic, Speaker, WIFI, IR, Touch Button, Sensors, LED, Camera, Flash, Internal Antenna, Vibrator Batteries, Power Adaptor, Covers, Battery Assembly, Softwares, Cables
9 Laptop Display, Main Board, Power Board, Touch Panels, Keyboard, WIFI, Bluetooth, Speakers, Camera, Mic Software, Hinges, Battery, Plastic Assembly, Cables
10 Camera Lens, Main Board, Sensor, Display, View Finder Shutter, Batteries, Charger, Cables, Dust
11 Vacuum Cleaner Motor, Power Adaptor, Main Board, Display Panel Board, Fan, Sensor Hose Pipes, Dust Bags, Brush, Covers, Cleaning Module, Tube, Wheels, Valves, Belts
12 Air Cooler Motor, Fan, Pump, Control Board, Thermostat, Compressor Blinds, Nets, Mesh, Wheels, Filter, Cooling Pad, Floating Ball, Valves, Belts, Pressure Meters
13 Printer Power Board, Main Board, System Board, Motor, Sub Logic Board Ribbon, Toner, Cartridge, Tray, Rolller, Belt, Drum, Head
14 Water Heater Control Board, Indicators Display, Thermostat Valve, Pipes, Hose, Casings, Covers, Dip Tube, Burners

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