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Mobile Protection for Motorola Phones – Overview

Motorola phones had almost disappeared from the Indian market due to stiff competition from Chinese brands like Xiaomi and Realme. However, with its new launches targeting the affordable smartphone and high-end smartphone segment, it is slowly rising to be a competitive brand in India once again. If you are also smitten by the sleek design and trendy features of the Motorola smartphones then you should also think of protecting its damages at all costs.

Bajaj Finserv is offering mobile protection plans that provide coverage against damages if your Motorola phones get broken due to collisions, accidents, losing grip on the phone, damage due to liquids, or other reasons as well. This protection plan also covers damage that the display of your Motorola phone sustains due to several reasons.

It is better to subscribe to a mobile insurance plan like this because accidents and collisions always happen without any prior announcement. Also, with the affordable mobile cover plans of Bajaj Finserv, it is now easy to keep your expensive and stylish Motorola phones safe from all sorts of damages. There are two plans you can choose from. One is the CPP Mobile Protect Plan and the other is CPP Fonesafe Lite.

  • You can apply for the CPP Mobile Protect Plan if you need cover for your entire device including battery, screen, or any other part. This plan also includes the complementary mobile device cover i.e. you can get a financial cover that is up to the invoice price of your device with the CPP Mobile Protect Plan. However, if you need protection cover only for the display of your Motorola phone then it is better that you go for the CPP Foresafe Lite Plan as it includes the complementary mobile display cover in case the entire screen of your mobile becomes dysfunctional or irreparable. With this plan, you also get cover for the expenses required for repairing a damaged display. To understand the key differences and features of these plans, you can refer to the below comparison table:

    Coverage CPP Mobile Protect CPP Fonesafe Lite
    What does the plan cover? Damage due to accidents, repair expenses, the replacement cost of spare parts, or any other damage is covered under this plan along with the complimentary smartphone cover. Repair charges or any other damage caused to the display (other than damage caused due to liquids) are covered under this plan. It also includes a complimentary mobile screen cover.
    Maximum cover Up to the full value (100%) of the handset Up to the half value (50%) of the handset
    When to buy this mobile cover plan? Immediately or within 15 days once you buy your Motorola handset Immediately or within 45 days once you purchase your Motorola handset
    Cover for damage caused due to pollution Not covered Not covered
    Number of times you can claim for the cover 2 claims per year are allowed 2 claims per year are allowed
    Damage to the screen due to accidents Covered. However, the handset should be in your custody during the accident Covered but the phone should be in your custody during the damage
    Other damage due to accidents Covered. However, the handset should be in your custody during the accident Not covered
    Damage due to liquids Covered Not covered
    Cover for mechanical or electrical breakdowns Not covered Covered only if the phone is handled by you when the breakdown occurs
    Malware & Anti-virus protection Provided under the F-secure feature and valid till 1 year Provided under the F-secure feature and valid till 1 year
    Gaana Plus Subscription Provided as an add-on benefit and valid till 1 year Not applicable
    Zee5 (Complete access) Provided as an add-on benefit and valid till 1 year Provided as an add-on benefit and valid till 1 year

    Bajaj Finserv allows you to subscribe to a plan according to the value of your handset. Therefore, the premium of the subscription will be directly proportional to your handset's total price. The below-given table will let you know about the premium applicable to the specific range of the handset prices for both CPP Mobile Protect and CPP Fone Lite Plans:

    Handset Value (In Rs.) CPP Mobile Protect (In Rs.) CPP Fonesafe Lite (In Rs.)
    6000 to 9999 1215 649
    10000 to 11999 1768 899
    12000 to 14999 1768 1099
    15000 to 19999 2076 1099
    20000 to 24999 2683 1499
    25000 to 29999 3221 1499
    30000 to 34999 3642 1999
    35000 to 39999 4140 1999
    40000 to 49999 6879 2599
    50000 to 59999 13003 2999
    60000 to 69999 16487 2999
    70000 to 99999 16487 3599
    1,00,000+ 32568 3599
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    F-Secure Safe Mobile App - For additional security of your phone

    Both the mobile protection plans offered by Bajaj Finserv also come with a wide range of security features for which you will need to download its F-secure Safe Mobile App. These features and benefits are described below:

    • Security against viruses and malware
    • IMEI Registration & SIM blocking services
    • Scans downloaded apps by default
    • Secures your phone from online frauds and phishing
    • Allows you to erase your phone data and lock your phone from a remote location
    • Your mobile will send SMS and location of your phone automatically to the numbers that you have submitted to the app as trusted numbers. This feature gets activated only if the SIM card of your phone gets changed.
    • A screaming alarm will be activated if you misplace your phone inadvertently.
    • If your phone gets stolen or lost, you can detect its location via GPS.
    • Your phone will be locked as soon as a thief removes the SIM from your handset.

    Motorola Phones that Mobile Protect Plans cover

    The CPP Mobile Protect and CPP Fonesafe Lite Plans provide cover for all the smartphone brands and models. The popular Motorola handsets that are covered by these plans include:

    Motorola Edge Plus
    Moto G 5G
    Motorola One Fusion Plus
    Motorola One Action
    Moto G9 Power
    Moto G9
    Moto E7 Plus
    Moto G5S Plus
    Moto G8 Power Lite
    Moto E7 Power
    Moto Z
    Moto Turbo
    Moto X Play
    Moto X
    Motorola One Macro
    Motorola G6
    Moto X Style
    Moto E
    Moto E6S
    Motorola Edge5
    Moto G Play
    Moto G9 Plus
    Motorola Edge+
    Motorola Razr etc.

    How to apply for the CPP Mobile Protection or Screen Insurance Plan?

    Follow these steps to apply for any of the CPP Mobile Protection Plans of Bajaj Finserv:

    • Step 1: Fill in an online form and verify the premium of your phone according to the table given above.

    • Step 2: Enter your name, mobile number, IMEI number, and other details in the form. You will be immediately notified via an OTP that will be sent to your registered mobile number.

    • Step 3: Select the plan of your choice and pay the premium via UPI, mobile wallet, or any other online payment method as per your convenience. Your mobile protection plan will be activated immediately once the payment is processed.

    How to claim for the cover?

    The details and nature of the damage or accident need to be immediately shared with the insurer within 24 hours once the damage occurs. You can contact the insurer via email, telephone, or mail address that is specified below:

    Email id:
    Phone numbers:
    Toll-free number: 1800-419-4000
    6000-4000 (add the code number of your city before dialing this telephone number)

    Postal Address:
    CPP Assistance Services PVT. LTD.
    PO Box Number: 826,
    Kalkaji Post Office
    New Delhi – 110019

Documents required to support your claim

• You will need to specify the details of your damage along with the claim amount and other essential information in the claim form. Also, the form must be duly signed by the beneficiary.

• The invoice of your handset, bill reflecting the repair costs, valuation report, or any other document that supports your claim can be submitted along with the claim form.

• In case your phone is stolen, you will need to provide an FIR copy that mentions the robbery specifically to validate your claim.

Depreciation & Deductibles

Depreciation is the lowering of a device’s value that happens with time. Depreciation is usually calculated in terms of percentage. For example, if you buy a phone today, you cannot sell it at the same price after 2 years. Therefore, if your entire phone has to be replaced due to damage or any other valid reason, then you will get an amount that is equal to the depreciated value of your phone.

The below table shows the depreciation percentage applicable according to the age of any handset:

Age of handset Depreciation (In %)
0 to 3 months 15%
3 to 6 months 25%
6 to 12 months 50%

Note: Depreciation will not be applicable during the replacement of the spare parts or other expenses required for repairing your phone.

A deductible is the standard fee that you will have to pay for getting repair works done for your smartphone. No deductibles will be charged while replacing your phone or screen entirely.

The below table shows the deductibles charged according to the value of your handset and the CPP Mobile Protection Plan that is chosen by you:

Value of the iPad CPP Mobile Protect CPP Fonesafe Lite
6000-19999 5% of claim value (minimum of Rs. 500) 500
20000-29999 5% of claim value (minimum of Rs. 1000) 500
30000-49999 5% of claim value (minimum of Rs. 1000) 1000
50000-69999 5% of claim value (minimum of Rs. 1500) 1000
Greater than 70000 5% of claim value (minimum of Rs. 1500) 1000

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