Mobile Protection Plan- Oppo Phones

Oppo phones are owned by a Chinese company OPPO Electronics Corp. and the brand launched its phones in India in 2014. Ever since the launch people have taken interest in the brand’s newly featured phones, which is the reason why the sales of Oppo phones are quite high in India.

With the recent launch of Oppo A94 in March 2021, the brand has created a buzz in the market. The high- end phones from the brand carry good camera and screen display which is why there is good demand of Oppo phones in the market. Some of the most sought-after variants of the brand include-

• Oppo A94
• Oppo A94
• Oppo F19 Pro+
• Oppo 455 5G
• Oppo A93 5G
• Oppo Reno 5
• Oppo Reno 5Pro+ 5G

These high end Oppo phones are quite expensive and any damage to these can be financially damaging. In several instances you may need a phone replacement, the cost for which is even more high.

So, to keep your finances secure, you must always opt for a device protection plan for your phone which provides cover for any damage caused to it. While several insurers offer such plans, it is best to read the policy guidelines and then apply for the same. This will help you get the maximum benefits. Bajaj Finserv offers device protection plan that provides adequate coverage against any damage to your Oppo phone along with offering many other added benefits and features. Two variants of the Mobile Protection Plan include:

  • 1. Mobile Protection Plan- In case your device is completely damages, the plan provides cover for the replacement cost incurred. This device replacement is applicable up to a limit of 100% of base invoice price (without applying any discounts or coupons). The plan is not only available for phones but also tablets and laptops.

    2. Mobile Screen Protection Plan- This plan will provide you coverage against any damage caused to the screen of your phone. However, it is important to note that this policy is applicable only up to two cases of screen damage.

    Features CPP Mobile Protect CPP Fonesafe Lite
    When can the plan be purchased? The plan can be procured within 15 days after buying the handset The plan can be procured within 45 days after buying the handset
    What does it include? It comprises of damage expenses, replacement of mobile phone parts, repair costs, and an added smartphone cover It covers for damage expenses and any repair charges incurred for damaged screen and also provides a complementary screen cover
    Maximum coverage Up to 100% of the mobile phone’s price/value as given in the invoice Up to 50% of the mobile phone’s price/value as given in the invoice

    Features and Benefits of Oppo Protection Plan

    To secure yourself from any financial stress because of phone damage by opting for the Bajaj Finserv Mobile Protection Plan which will provide you numerous benefits such as:

    • High sum assured

    The premium starts at juts Rs. 649 and so you can pay easy premiums to keep your screen protected from any damage related cost which is includes screen replacement cost as well.

    • Accidental damage

    In case accidental damage to the phone or phone screen of your Oppo phone, you can avail monetary benefits for the cost incurred in the repair or replacement of the phone. It is worth noting that one can avail the benefits only if the phone was in the policy holder’s custody during the time of the damage.

    • Mechanical or electrical breakdown of your Oppo screen

    In case of any electrical or mechanical damage to your phone screen, you can easily avail the coverage over repair or replacement pf your Oppo device.

    • Coverage for screen damage due to fire or other perils

    In case of any damage to your phone screen caused due to explosion, lightening or fire it will be covered under the policy. Other additional factors relating to phone screen damage covered under the protection plan include riots, natural calamities, strike etc.

    • Coverage in case of screen damage due to robbery or burglary

    Special protection offered under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions by Bajaj Finserv covers for any mobile phone screen damage because of an act of robbery or theft at your home/premises.

Add-On Benefits

F-Secure SAFE Mobile App

You can get a lot of security features under the policy’s protection plan like antivirus, antimalware, sim blocking, sim card lock, remote phone location and much more.

Zee5 All access annual subscription

If you like watching content on OTT platforms, you will also get a free annual subscription of one of the most famous platforms Zee5 as an added benefit with your Oppo mobile screen cover policy. The platform supports 12 Indian languages and up to 5 devices can be connected with the annual subscription to watch from thousands of choices of web series, TV Shows, movies etc. The annual subscription that costs Rs. 999 is inclusive in the insurance cover for you.


Additionally, you will also get a free subscription for GaanaPlus. Which means you can listen to over 30 million songs, add free. The songs will be available in regional languages and can be downloaded easily.

Easy online application

Applying for the mobile screen insurance cover is a simple process and all you have to do is:
- Step 1: Proceed with ‘Apply Now’ option and share your details in the online application form.
- Step 2:  Enter the OTP received on your mobile number.
- Step 3:  Payment can be made through credit/debit card, UPI, mobile wallet etc.
- Step 4:  You will receive the details of your membership on your Email/WhatsApp.

Note: FoneSafe Lite Mobile Screen Insurance can be easily procured within 60 days from the day the Oppo phone was purchases (as stated in invoice).

Rs. 6,000 - Rs. 9999 Rs. 1215 Rs. 649
Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 11,999 Rs. 1768 Rs. 899
Rs.12,000 - Rs. 14,999 Rs. 1768 Rs. 1099
Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 19,999 Rs. 2076 Rs. 1099
Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 24,999 Rs. 2683 Rs. 1499
Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 29,999 Rs. 3221 Rs. 1499
Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 34,999 Rs. 3642 Rs. 1999
Rs. 35,000– Rs. 39,999 Rs. 4140 Rs. 1999
Rs. 40,000– Rs. 49,999 Rs. 6879 Rs. 2599
Rs. 50,000– Rs. 59,999 Rs. 13003 Rs. 2999
Rs. 60,000– Rs. 69,999 Rs. 16487 Rs. 2999
Rs. 70,000– Rs. 99,999 Rs. 16487 Rs. 3599
More than Rs. 1 Lakh Rs. 32568 Rs. 3599

What is Covered/ What is not Covered?

Gaana Plus Subscription 1 year subscription available Not available
ZEE5 All Access Annual Subscription 1 year subscription available 1 year subscription available
F-secure antivirus and antimalware protection 1 year subscription available 1 year subscription available
Damage caused by Pollution Not Covered Not Covered
Accidental Damage to Screen Covered Covered
Accidental Damage to Handset Covered Not Covered
Liquid Damage (damage caused due to water or any other fluids) Covered Not Covered
Electrical or Mechanical Breakdown Not Covered Covered

Note: Please refer to the terms and conditions of your policy for understanding the terms of coverage offered in the policy.