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Mobile Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Smartphone

Mobile Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Smartphone

Smartphone Buying Guide

Smartphones have become such an integral part of our lives in the recent years. One finds it hard to imagine life without a smartphone. Most smartphones these days come laden with superior features built leveraging latest technology, making it that much harder for customers to choose one. Here’s a comprehensive mobile buying guide that will help you choose the right smartphone.


Good performance in a smartphone can be equated to the device being fast and efficient, allowing users to multi-task without it getting hung.

The three main key factors that determine the phone’s performance are:


  • Smartphone performance directly corelates to the processor

  • The 2 key factors for a processor - number of cores & clock speed.

  • Clock speed refers to the operating speed of a processor

  • The higher the clock speed, the lesser the lag


  • RAM refers to system memory that deals with easy access of information

  • Having higher RAM allows more number of apps to run

  • A light smartphone user can manage with a 2GB RAM.

  • For heavy usage, a higher RAM of 4 to 6GB is more suitable

Operating system

Android vs iOS

  • Android - Lot of phone options at various price points

  • User who enjoy flexibility, Android is the right choice

  • iOS offers a more standard experience and is more secure

  • Main pros of iOS - minimal bloatware and no adware

How much RAM do you really need?

RAM range Ideal for needs
1GB - 3GB Minimum requires for calling, messaging, checking mails, and browsing
3GB - 4GB Is suitable when working on multiple apps, multiple tabs on browser, playing games
6GB - 12GB Is suitable when multi-tasking between apps, heavier games, photo & video editing



Considering the amount of time, one spends in watching videos, playing games these days, a good display is essential. The key things to look for in a good display are:

Screen size

Screen size is completely dependent on the usage pattern.
A small screen is easy to hold but the browsing is difficult while the reverse is true for a bigger screen.

Aspect ratio

The screen aspect ratio is the ratio of the height of the screen to the width. of Most widely used aspect ratio on mobiles is 16:9

Display type

There are 2 types of display: LCD and AMOLED displays. AMOLED display has bright colour reproduction. Super AMOLED displays solves issue of visibility under sunlight.


Resolution refers to the number of pixels on a display. The higher the resolution, the sharper the images are.

Screen protection

Screen protection keeps your screen from breaking into pieces in case it happens to fall. Gorilla glass is the most widely used protective screen.

Display size according to your need

Display Size Ideal for Needs Ideal battery
5.5 - 6 Inches Meant for those who prefer phones that are easy to carry. Does not offer the best experience when playing games and watching videos. 3000 - 3500 mAh
6 - 6.5 Inches This size is the most preferred one. It is optimal for browsing, playing games and watching movies. 3500 - 4200 mAh
6.5 Inches & above This is a large sized smartphone meant for users who are gaming addicts, watch videos, work on official documents, edit photos and videos. 4200mAh & above



Most smartphones come with a 32GB or 64 GB of storage and can range from 128 GB to 512 GB on high-end smartphone models. Going for higher storage option costs more but also ensures that there is always adequate room for data and applications.

Things to consider for a good camera in mobile 

Front Camera

Lower aperture in front camera equates to better photos. It helps in taking good selfies even in low-light

Rear Camera

The performance of the rear camera depends on the aperture, lens and the pixel size. There are multiple rear cameras - dual, triple and quad.


Resolution connotes the number of pixel the phone has. Higher resolution cameras capture shots with more precision.

Lens & Optics

Lens and optics are responsible for the sharp and clear pictures we can click on our smartphones.

Modes and AI

Some cameras come with in-built AI that have the capability of auto adjusting settings, depending on what one is capturing.

Additional warranty on smartphones

Smartphones these days can be very costly and that’s when an extended warranty on mobile is quite useful.
Extended warranty assures you with full-proof protection against technical or mechanical glitches.
One can choose from a variety of warranty plans that offer accidental damage protection and coverage, next-day replacements, and even remote technical support.

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