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Lifeline Express

Providing healthcare to the doorstep of patients dwelling in the remote pockets of India
Lifeline Express

About Lifeline Express

Providing a host of medical services over the 27 years, Lifeline Express has empowered individuals and communities with healthcare coverage, knowledge and facilities. Inaugurated in 1991, the world’s first hospital train- Lifeline Express started off with a modest thought of rendering healthcare services to people in remote areas with limited reach to medical support.
The first-ever hospital-on-rails, Lifeline Express is equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and units in the interiors with a brightly-coloured exterior. By providing doorstep medical aid, the ‘Magic Train’ has cured over 6 lakh rural patients in India since its inception.

Our Participation

Good health, a fundamental for all, is ironically at the disposal of only a privileged few. For people in remote areas clamouring for medical help, it remains a bleak possibility. Approximately 85% of the medical visits in the nation is made by villagers travelling miles to get treated. Lifeline Express addresses this burning polarity and cures the deprived of ailments that can act as a deterrent to one’s full and productive self.
In our efforts to ensure well-being for all, Bajaj Finserv partnered with Lifeline Express to extend medical facilities to the people in Barmer and Jalore districts of Rajasthan. Easy access to healthcare enables everyone to enjoy the right to wellness and thus, live their lives to the fullest formed the basis of our three-year tie-up with the NGO.

Lifeline Express: #ZindagiKiGaadi

Good health is fundamental in everyone’s life. However, only a select few can access these medical facilities. This holds especially true for remote areas where medical help remains a far-fetched possibility. With about 85% of the medical visits in India being made by villagers traveling miles to get treated, health for all seems to have a long way to go.
The Lifeline Express, the world’s first hospital-on-rails, in its efforts to address this disparity offers healthcare to inaccessible locations. Carrying specialized doctors and state-of-the-art medical instruments, the train provides medical care at the doorstep of remote areas.


“They have given a ray of new hope to my child and her future”

“As a mother, I would like to thank God for sending the Lifeline Express for my son. I had never thought that he would be able to walk without support. We thank the doctors for giving us hope”

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