Our Offering

We have a distribution tie up with 14 asset management companies. We offer full range of products ranging from liquid to equity from renowned asset management companies with a strong track record.

We look at the following parameters before a tie up:

  • AMC with an average quarterly Asset Under Management (AUM) of > Rs 10000 crore.
  • No of funds in CFR* 1 & CFR* 2 category.

*CFR- CRISIL Fund Raking

All mutual funds schemes of 14 AMCs are part of our product basket.

We have tied up with CRISIL as our research partner. CRISIL evaluates and ranks the funds taking into consideration few factors like the consistency of last 5 years performance, minimum vintage of 3 years, volatility and Fund AUM. Our trending funds list shows the top funds from this CRISIL ranking in each of the categories.

The trending fund of mutual funds is released on a quarterly basis.

Our list of empanelled Asset Management Companies (AMC)

Sr.No. AMC AUM (Rs. in crore)
1 ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund 2,42,961
2 HDFC Mutual Fund 2,37,178
3 Reliance Mutual Fund 2,10,891
4 Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund 1,95,049
5 SBI Mutual Fund 1,57,025
6 UTI Mutual Fund 1,36,810
7 Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund 92,216
8 Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund 81,615
9 DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund 64,177
10 IDFC Mutual Fund 60,636
11 Axis Mutual Fund 57,700
12 Tata Mutual Fund 42,619
13 L&T Mutual Fund 39,300
14 LIC Mutual Fund 21,475

AUM data source: AMFI

Quarter ended June 2017

Our Philosophy

We have the below fundamentals for investing in mutual funds:

  • Invest as per your objective – The first step to investing in mutual fund is to define the objective of investing. Your fund’s investment style should be coherent with your life goals. You should also define the time horizon you have to achieve your goals.
  • Start investing early- The goal of investing is to build wealth over time. Successful investing requires time, patience, a clear and realistic plan directed towards your goal. This means the earlier one starts and longer the investment horizon, the larger the benefits. Hence, the cost of delay in any investment program can be significant.
  • Invest regularly with discipline - Reap benefits of mutual fund by investing regularly using Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). Harness the power of two powerful investment strategies:
    • Rupee cost averaging- benefit of volatility.
    • Power of compounding- small investments create a big kitty over time.
  • Invest for the long term: Time in the market is more important than timing the market.
    • Safety in the long-term - As the tenure of investment increases, the probability of losses decreases.
    • Stable Returns in the long-term - As the tenure of investment increases, the probability of gains increases.
  • Invest only in the best: Buying into a high-quality mutual fund and holding it for a long time (years) is the best road to investing success. In partnership with CRISIL, we help you choose the best Mutual fund in each category.
  • Invest on the basis of individual risk appetite - Deciding what amount of risk one can take while remaining comfortable with investments is very important. Calculate your risk score with our risk profiler that distinguishes you into various categories based on your responses.

Other Investment Options & Schemes