FD from Bajaj Finance ✔ Apply for Fixed Deposit Online ✔ Get Highest Interest Rate ✔ Min Deposit Amount ₹25,000 ✔ Use FD Calculator and Find out the Value of your Money ✔ Higher Return for Senior Citizens ✔ Flexible Tenor ✔ Bajaj Finance FD Awarded with ICRA’s MAAA and CRISIL’s FAAA/Stable Rating ✔ FD Facility in 200+ Cities in India

Fixed Deposit (FD): Features and Benefits:

With an interest rate of 7.85 %, Bajaj Finance’s Fixed Deposit offers one of the safest investment at one of the best interest rates in the country.

Bajaj Finance Offers the Following FD Schemes:

Customer Categories Interest Rates
If you are new FD customer 7.85%
If you are a senior citizen 8.10%
If you are our loan customer 7.95%
If you are a Bajaj group employee 7.95%
If you renew your FD +0.10%

Features of Bajaj Finance’s Fixed Deposit (FD):

  1. 7.85% return on your investment
    Bajaj Finance offers 7.85% interest rate on FDs, which is one of the highest in the market. The interest rate can go up to 8.10% depending on the customer type. This makes Fixed Deposit investment more lucrative option than keeping your money in a savings bank account.

  2. High on stability and credibility
    Bajaj Finance’s FD has one of the highest approval ratings in the market, which means safety and reliability for every investor. Bajaj Finance’s FD has been awarded with ICRA’s MAAA (Stable) Rating and CRISIL’s FAAA/Stable Rating.

  3. Online application process
    To open an FD with Bajaj Finance, you can easily apply online through our website. Once you fill in the application form, an agent will call you to collect the documents and payment cheque.

  4. Minimum deposit of Rs.25,000
    Fixed Deposit gives you steady returns with high interest rates. You can start your FD with Bajaj Finance with a minimum deposit of Rs.25,000. However, the bigger the investment, higher the returns.

  5. Fixed Deposit Calculator available
    Use our Fixed Deposit Calculator to calculate the interest and determine the maturity amount of the deposit you can make. This also helps you calculate and compare the interest receivable by changing the deposit amount, tenor and interest payment frequency.

  6. 200+ branches all over the country
    We have a huge network of people to help you open a Fixed Deposit account. We provide the Deposit facility in 200+ cities in India. This means that you can easily access any of our branch to open your FD. Here’s a list of all the cities where we offer the Fixed Deposits facility.

  7. Manage your FD online
    Manage your FD account online by seeing all the interest transfers and other information. Just log in to your fixed deposit account via Bajaj Finance’s customer portal, Experia and manage your account online.

  8. Flexible FD Tenure between 12-60 Month:
    With Bajaj Finance’s Fixed Deposit, you have the flexibility to choose your tenure from 12 to 60 months according to your needs. If you change your mind, you have the flexibility to close your FD account and start another one for a different duration.

Benefits of Investing in a Fixed Deposit:

Why settle for a 4% interest rate in your savings account when you can earn as high as 7.85% in a Fixed Deposit with Bajaj Finance? Here are some of the benefits of investing in a fixed deposit:

  1. No volatility:
    When interest rates drop and rise, changing rapidly, investors look for safety, and this is when fixed deposits offer the right investment opportunity..

  2. Not dependent on market fluctuations:
    A fixed deposit remains stable and risk-free no matter whether the market is fluctuating or if the economy is experiencing a flux due to inflation or any other reason.

  3. A necessary part of your portfolio as a prudent investor:
    Generations of Indian families have considered fixed deposits for safekeeping and growing their life’s savings. Not only is your principal amount invested free of any risk fluctuations, but the yield over time is also a promising amount.

  4. Higher interest rates for senior citizens:
    Senior citizens can benefit greatly from investing their life’s savings in an FD as they are eligible for an additional rate of interest—as high as 0.25% more than the average.