Investment savvy professionals need certainty on returns from their investment portfolio. Bajaj Finserv Fixed Deposit Scheme gives you just that. Considered to be amongst the best fixed deposit schemes in India, you can trust us on giving your portfolio the stability and certainty it deserves!

Agreements and T&C

Interest payment:

Interest payment will be transferred only through National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT)/ Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), to the bank account mentioned by the depositor on the application form at the time of opening the account on a periodic basis as per the scheme availed of.

Income Tax Deducted at Source:

Interest earned (more than Rs. 5,000) on deposits placed with NBFCs is liable to be taxed under section 194A of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
TDS will be reduced from the interest amount payable before transferring the same into the depositor’s account through NEFT/RTGS.

Depositors are requested to provide a self-declaration on Form 15G/15H for non-deduction of tax and submit it to Bajaj Finance Limited at the time of filling up the application form. Forms 15G/15H are available at any of our offices mentioned on the application form.

Premature withdrawal of the Fixed Deposit:

Please note that Pre Mature Withdrawal of the Fixed Deposit is at the sole discretion of Bajaj Finance Limited as per the regulations specified by RBI.

The lock in period of the deposit is 3 months within which the deposit cannot be withdrawn at all. From 3 to 6 months, no interest is payable on the deposit. From 6 months to the date before maturity of the deposit, in case of withdrawal, the interest rate payable will be 2% lower than the one specified for the period for which the deposit has run. In case of no rate specified for the period the scheme has run, the interest rate payable will be 3% lower than the lowest rate specified by Bajaj Finance.

Renewal/ repayment of the deposit:

In case the depositor is willing to renew the deposit amount, he will need to walk in to the nearest Bajaj Finance Limited branch, along with this physical Fixed Deposit receipt and mention his desire to renew his deposit by filling up the application/renewal form at least 7 days prior to the maturity date. Post 7 days prior to the maturity date, no request will be taken to renew the deposit account. The maturity amount will be transferred to the bank account registered during application stage, on the date of maturity.

Request for renewal should be accompanied by Application Form duly filled in and signed unless already mentioned at the time of placing the original deposit. Renewal of deposit will be subject to the rate of interest and other terms & conditions prevailing on the date of maturity.

Renewal of deposits will not be automatic unless explicitly mentioned in the form at the time of placing of the fixed deposit. Deposit will be renewed only once based on the maturity instruction opted for in the application form at the time of placing the original deposit. The investor has the option to change the maturity instruction by submitting a fresh application form duly filled and signed by all depositors at least 7 days prior to maturity.


Download and print the Bajaj Finserv Fixed Deposit application form from the comfort of your own home by clicking on the download button. Fill in your details and take it with you to your nearest Bajaj Finserv branch to invest in a Bajaj Finserv Fixed Deposit