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Easy Investment Ideas to Make Extra Money

There is very little room to grow your savings, in today’s fast-moving world where you’ve to constantly juggle between expenses and your income. Earning an extra income on the other hand, is hardly a possibility with the pressures of daily life taking a toll on your personal life.

Instead of having to work for extra income, why not put your money to work for you? You can grow your savings by making strategic investments, which help you with extra income and greater growth of your funds.

Here’s a brief lowdown on some smart investment options for extra income:

  • Mutual funds

    These investments involve pooling money and investing in securities, which are affected by securities listed on the market. You can diversify your mutual fund investments across stocks, mid-sized companies and bonds.

  • Annuities by Insurance companies

    If you’d want extra income to secure your retirement, this can be a good option where you take annuity plans from insurance companies. However, the returns on these plans depend on your pension tenor and the option you’ve availed.

  • Real estate

    If you’d like to earn extra money out of rental income, this could be a great option as you can also evade inflation with this option.

    However, if you’re looking to have greater control on your investments, Fixed Deposit by Bajaj Finance is the best option for you. These FDs help you choose your tenor, gain stable returns and enjoy flexibility in terms of payouts too.

    You can start investing with just Rs. 25,000 and earn greater returns, every time you renew them. Opt for these investments and enjoy greater savings, by watching your money multiply over time.

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