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Investment ideas for dummies

Investments are one of the best ways to grow money and earn high returns. However, with several investment options and a multitude of risk factors associated with each investment, contemplating the right investment option can be challenging.

This gets complicated further, especially when you’re a beginner seeking the right investment avenues. The vast amount of options available for investing can overwhelm even the pro investors.

To make the most of your investment, you must follow some of the ideas given below:

  • Be an informed investor, by researching about the risks and advantages of popular investment options
  • Make sure you keep your liquidity needs in mind, before investing
  • Diversify risk in your investment portfolio
  • Take small steps and simplify your investments one step at a time

To help you invest smartly, here’s a brief lowdown on some of the best investment options for beginners:

1. Savings Bank Account
You can start with the very first step – setting aside savings for investments. It is a safe investment avenue, and can support you in your liquidity objectives too. However, they offer lower returns, as compared to other investment avenues.

2. Liquid Funds
As the name suggests, liquid funds help you plan your liquidity requirements. You can look for better liquidity with these investment avenues. They offer slightly better returns than savings account, and help you safeguard your capital.

3. Public Provident Funds
If you’re looking for high returns, tax-free interest and tax benefits, but can forgo liquidity, Public Provident Funds are the best investment options for you. They can be the best choice, especially when you’re looking for long-term gains.

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