Strategy Drivers

When we thought of our strategy to achieve the Big Goal, we kept in mind an important element: what strength of our past do we want to carry into the future? Of all our options, one thought resonated across, reflecting in all our outcomes over the course of our existence – Sustainability. It is the legacy that our history has created. This is the outcome of over half a century of work of our parent – the Bajaj Group. Delivered through each business that the Group has ventured into. Anything that we do has to pass through this critical filter. Each of the five drivers of our strategy build on this core.

Focus on Existing Customers

More products per customer cannot be achieved by more customers but more satisfied customers. More satisfied our customers, more likely they’ll partner with us for their next big pursuit. More likely, they’ll recommend their family and friends to us. The more our customers recommend us, the less we need to worry on getting new customers. The less we worry on getting new customers the more we’ll focus on existing customers.

Perpetual State of Beta

In today’s world, innovative thoughts don't need years to become break-through realities, nor do they take years to become a commodity. Newly received information becomes vapid in a few hours, new products get duplicated overnight, one of many becomes one of one in days. The point here is rather simple—the need for continuous change, continuous improvement and continuous reinvention. The reason for us to continue to be better than our previous best. At Bajaj Finserv, we call it the Perpetual State of Beta. We were the first to introduce a 3-min on the spot approval for our Durable Finance offer. We are now down to 3 seconds. By the time you have finished reading this, we would have added another partner to our Lifestyle Finance portfolio. And some of our customers would have already downloaded all their loan account statements through the online portal. The result of our obsession with sustainability – even if it is about your efforts.

Invest Deep in Technology

Across industries, technology is changing the way enterprises operate and deliver products. At Bajaj Finserv, we adopt to newer and emerging technologies keeping in mind the needs and preferences of our customers. This complements our digital personalization framework enabling our customers to transact without the restrictions of time, place and proximity. Can I apply online? Yes. Will I get a regular statement of account? Yes. With every single detail of your loan? Yes. Giving me access anytime, anywhere? Yes. Can I foreclose my loan? Yes. Will I be charged for foreclosures? No. Can I borrow back some of the loan I’ve repaid? Yes. Without a human interface? Yes.

We deploy technology not to take the human touch away but to give a richer customer experience, allowing a customer to exercise choices even when it comes to being serviced. Because technology alone is not the output, it is the creativity with which it is used that delivers the objective.

Every year for the last five years, we have continued to increase our spends in technology by putting money where our mouth is. This gives an unmatched flexibility of engaging with us for every financing related need. The more delighted you are, the easier it will be for you to choose us the next time you have a financial need.

Build Partnerships with the Best in the World

Our bias for the best in the world comes from our obsession for our Big Goal. We believe when our customers buy a product or service from us, they are placing their trust in us. Trust itself is a delicate matter. It needs both expertise and experience, together. When we partner with SFDC for our online capabilities, with Microsoft for our software and with TCS for process mapping, and CRISIL for auditing us, we believe we’re implementing zero tolerance to compromise.

We’re not a blow-hot, blow-cold partner. We’re as determined in our relationship with our partners as we are with each of you as customers. And even for our partnerships, we have created benchmarks in innovation in how we have deployed their systems and processes to create bold new realities.

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