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Insta Credit- FAQ

What is the Insta Credit Offer?

The Insta Credit is an exclusive offer available to select customers. Under the offer, our EMI Network Carded customers would be allowed to transfer an amount of either Rs. 3,000, 5,000 or 10,000 from their EMI Network Card to their Wallet balance with a click of a button.

How does the offer work?

It is as easy as it can get.
    •   Click on the offer display in the Bajaj Wallet app
    •   Select the loan amount from either Rs. 3,000, 5,000 or 10,000
    •   Accept the terms and conditions
    •   Tap on ‘Add InstaCredit’
    •   Your selected loan amount will be credited instantly in your Bajaj wallet

Where can I see the amount if I have 2 Apps (Mobikwik and Bajaj Finserv Wallet)?

The amount can be seen and utilized on both the apps.

What do I do in case I am unable to use the amount credited at a MobiKwik Partner network?

We are sorry about that. Please reach out to

How does this loan affect my existing EMI Balance?

Your existing EMI Balance will be reduced by either Rs. 3,000, 5,000 or 10,000 bases your selection because of the credit made to the wallet.

How long is the tenor for this loan?

You can pay the loan back in easy EMI’s:
    •   Rs. 3,000 on 2 easy EMIs
    •   Rs. 5,000 on 3 easy EMIs
    •   Rs. 10,000 on 6 easy EMIs

How do I repay the loan?

The required EMIs will be deducted automatically on the 2nd or 5th day every month from your Bank Account until the loan tenor is completed. The exact Due date will be mentioned on the Statement of Account & Welcome letter on e-mail.

Here’s the total EMI, on the basis of loan amount:

Loan amount
EMI amount
Rs. 3,000
2 EMI's
Rs. 1625
Rs. 5,000
3 EMI's
Rs. 1783
Rs. 10,000
6 EMI's
Rs. 1775

Can I foreclose the loan availed?

Yes, you can foreclose the loan. However, this can be done only after you pay your first EMI. For foreclosure, log in to your Experia profile. You can access your loan details by visiting the Experia Website at

You will have to follow these easy steps:
    •   Log-in to the Website
    •   Under “Payments” section go to “Online Payments”
    •   Under “Online Payments” click on “Foreclosure

For more details, please check the Terms and Conditions

Here are other things you can do:
    •   Download the app, available for both Android and iOS
    •   Log-in with your Bajaj Finserv registered mobile number or Experia Member ID
    •   Type your OTP or password
    •   Tap on ‘See Details’ under your active loan section
    •   Tap on ‘Pay Now’
    •   Swipe right and tap on ‘Proceed’ under Foreclosure
    •   Add the ‘Reason for foreclosure’
    •   Choose the payment method and validate the same.

Will I have to pay any charges on the loan?

Yes, a nominal interest charge will be applicable depending on the loan amount, interest may vary during festive offers.


Loan amount
Interest charge (Total)
Rs. 3,000
Rs. 249 (Festive rates Rs. 199 – Rs. 299)
Rs. 5,000
Rs. 349 (Festive rates Rs. 299 - Rs. 399)
Rs. 10,000
Rs. 649 (Festive rates Rs. 499 - Rs. 699)

What are the late payment charges?

In case of delay in payment of Monthly Instalment, BFL shall charge penal interest of Rs. 150 per month on an amount of Monthly Instalment outstanding as on that date

What if my payment bounces?

In case of default because of the repayment instrument(s) being dishonoured, BFL shall charge Rs.450/- (Rupees Four Hundred Fifty Only) per month/per default towards its dishonour

How do I cancel my loan?

As per the terms and conditions, loan once booked, cannot be canceled. However, you are entitled to foreclose the loan. In case of any more queries please reach out to, or call us at 020-39575152.

Where can I use the amount?

You can use the amount to make payments at over 1 million online and offline merchants like BookMyShow, Swiggy, Zomato, IRCTC, and more.

I accepted the offer, however, the amount did not get credited to my wallet?

We are sorry about that. Please reach out to, or call us at 020-39575152

Can I transfer this amount to my Bank or a Peer?

No, the amount cannot be used to make transfers to Bank and Peers. You can use it to transact at our merchant network

Why is the amount shown under Insta credit? How is it different from my normal wallet balance?

The only difference between insta credit and Wallet Balance is that you cannot transfer the Bajaj Insta credit balance to your Bank Account or to a Peer.

I paid for a Bill through insta credit, the amount got debited but my transaction failed. What do I do now?

We’re sorry about that. Please reach out to us at

In case of fraud/ unauthorized transactions whom do I reach out to?

You can write to us at, or call us at 020-39575152 or 020-39574200.

What if I lost my phone and changed the mobile no. on Bajaj Finserv and Mobikwik, will the amount get transferred on the new Mobile no?

No amount will not be transferred to the new mobile no. The amount will remain in the wallet connected to the mobile no. through which this credit is taken

I have got the offer but why are my friends/family members not getting the offer?

As per our policies, the offer is currently available for selected customers only.

How can I get my statements for re-payment schedule, statement of accounts / no objection certificate?

The SOA will be visible in EMI loan details section in the Bajaj Finserv wallet.
All loan account statements are available to you online and can be viewed on the App / downloaded by logging on to using your Experia Id & password. Alternately, for statement of account, you can type SOA and send it to 9227564444

My query is not here, is there a helpline that I can reach out to?

You can write to us at, or call us at 020-39575152

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